I was referred to oral surgeon after 5 months of cold sore symptoms and pain in my lower lip and was surprised to hear that he will do biopsy in 10 days from now because he could see my lips had
appearance of burn(I have been in Spain for several weeks in hot sun)
What happens during a biopsy of my bottom lip and should I worry
I am a heavy smoker and sun worshipper and I was convinced he would just say I had repetitive cold sores not potential lip cancer
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I was worried last year - I had 2 wisdom teeth out - I also had some white patches on my cheek (inside the mouth). Routinely some biopsies were taken from inside my mouth.I was extremely reassured when nothing sinister was shown.

I understand it's worrying - I had head/neck cancer 13 years ago - it would petrify me. I suffer from a very high anxiety when I have head/neck issues as I always thing the cancer is back!

Hopefully the biopsy of your lip will show no cancer. If there is anything sinister - it has been caught relatively early and it will be quite curable.

At least the tests are being done and having answers will be a great source of relief to you.

hope it all goes well - tony k

PS - if you don't mind me saying - give up smoking - and cover up in the sun
Thankyou tonyk for your quick response
What gets me is that the oral surgeon didn't explain anything about the procedure attall and just arranged the biopsy
Do you know if it hurts to have a lip biopsy( do they take chunks of flesh) or its a relatively simple process???
I know nothing and didnt ask because I expected him to say not to worry and send me on my way, not order a biopsy!!!
Tbh plaza - If he takes a biopsy and nothing is found (a decent chance of that) I think you will have done well. They know how much tissue to take (it may be more on the inside of the lip).

They will give you a local anaesthetic and hopefully it isn't any more uncomfortable than a trip to the dentist - maybe a stitch inserted.

I'd be glad to have the biopsy - at least the peace of mind when mine was negative (last year) was quite immense. One or two stitches in the cheek was a small price to pay.

regards - tony k
Thanks again for helpful advice tonyk
I have made the mistake of searching online for causes and treatments of lip cancer and I am now panicked big time
My biopsy is in 9 days time and the results,god knows how long after
Not nice or fun and I fear the worst
The treatments look really scary and I am not sure that I would allow my face to be butchered for a so called cure
Scared , scared, scared
I know a lot of people (through support groups etc) in the Leicester area. Some of them have had facial surgery etc and they gladly bear the scars of successful surgery. Some scars are barely noticeable too.

Many of them have had quite invasive surgery (probably far more than what you might face).

They have come through it all - I am sure you will too.
'Butchered' is too strong a word I feel. Go to your GP and ask if he/she can prescribe something to decrease your high anxiety.

regards tony k
Many thanks for trying to calm down this drama queen!
Its just the uncertainty and the time it takes for hospital to sort out tests and results that get me down
I will certainly post again after my biopsy and the results
Its also the fact that I went along to the oral surgeon appointment not suspecting a thing that gets to me
I didn't bekieve him and I soppose I still don't,perhaps I am in denial
I went along for my biopsy after sleepless nights and full of fear
Just after house doctor explained procedure she examined my lips and looked puzzled, called the oncology consultant who stated that all a biopsy would achieve would be a sore lip as he couldn't find anything suspicious and stopped procedure and told me to see him in 2 months if my recurrent cold sore type symptoms and pain was still going on
I am sort of pleased that he thought there was no problem attall, but puzzled

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