After a little advise..
I've been suffering from what I can best explain from lie bumps on the back right of my tongue.. I've had these on and of in the same place for 5 plus years.. it's a 5mm squared patch of raised tiny taste buds and slightly more pink/red than the rest of my toungue.. I've had these now for about 2 odd weeks.. last week I couldn't even talk but they have started to calm down now alot this week but still there as described.
I sadly suffer very bad from health anxiety since I was 15.. I'm now 35 and have booked my first holiday witch I leave on Friday to Australia for 3 weeks to see some friends.. since I've booked it my anxiety has been out of control.. the stress I'm going threw in fear of finding something wrong with me before I go or while I'm out there is ridicules.. my poor gp is under it with me lol.
Also as well as this I have around 5 nightmares a night witch causes me to grind my teath and clench them ( the full opening of my mouth/jaw is down to 1 cm now). The "lie bumps" are parellel where my rear top wisdom tooth is.. the tooth is was very sharp untill I ask my dentist to grind it last Thursday when I believe things got a little less pain full.. just slightly burning on the patch now. I ask him to have a look at it whilst I was there but I don't think he did.
I don't no why after 5 years I've now decided to worry about it now.. Google tells me lie bumps dont last longer than a week and should be looked at if not. I don't believe it's anything bad just want advise on what it could be and why it keeps comming back.
Thank for your time
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