Hello all,

This is my first post here.

I have a question: I have had some whiteness on the middle of my tongue for a couple of months now. At first I thought it's normal and will go away alone. But with time, I noticed also some white patches and white dots on the side but on the back of my tongue have been formed, and what seems to be red and white lesions/sores, and my tongue has small cracks on the side especially in the front that are bleeding almost all the time. I searched the Internet about possible causes, and the closest I came to was oral thrush. I went to the doctor to make sure and to treat it because it's annoying. I feel weird sensation in the back of my tongue/throat (I cannot tell where exactly), and sometimes I feel the sensation in my ears, especially my right ear. Also, I feel burning in my tongue from some foods and drinks.

Anyway, I went to the doctor and expected him to tell me that I have oral thrush, which isn't a big deal beside the discomfort it causes, but I was surprised to be told that I have leukoplakia, and he referred me to and ENT doctor for further investigation. The appointment with the ENT doctor is not before 6 weeks from now, and I'm a little concerned now, because I read that leukoplakia can be precancerous, and may cause tongue/throat cancer.

Should I be overly concerned abut this, or I'm exaggerating it?

Thanks for reading, and any response will be highly appreciated.
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