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My name is Michelle Clarke, and I am studying Graphic Design at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

My project at the moment is one that involves finding a problem, and creating a solution. I have chosen the theme of Laryngectomy, and how the patient does not have the chance to keep a record of their voice. I will create some kind of a memory box, where the patient can have a record of one/many of their favorite story(s) on dictaphone (or some other kind of voice recorder), photographs with a verbal explanation, history of their life - so it will all be very personal.

This is just the initial ideas, so if you have any other suggestions, it would be very much appreciated.

I would be so grateful if you can provide me with any information of any kind concerning this issue.

Thank you for your time,

Michelle Clarke
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Hello---It is such a long time since I hve tuned in to the site! What I did before my laryngectomy (05) was record a messgae on my British Telecom answering machine so that people who ring me always have a chance to hear the old me before I became the Gal with the Lost Cord!
I also made a long recotrding, talking about my life befotrre the cancer , all the funny things and interting people I've interviewed kn my life as a journalist. But I still haven't had the courage to listen to it! lest I weep in the poor-mes. But my little grandchildren have and were fascinated at listnng to the old Granny, They have known notrhing but the obe wth the inique vice.
Any more info just e-mail me
This could prove difficult for some people. Here I was with a youthful sounding voice in my mid-60s and could pass for a 20 year old on the telephone. After radiation I had a small window of a few weeks when my original voice was back, but then it started going out again and before I knew what was going on, it was basically gone, and now I am facing voice box removal surgery next week.

I never thought that much about it until my son talked about he wanted to spend some time with me to hear my voice. My response was that my voice is basically gone to which he replied, "yes, daddy but it is still coming from you" ........

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