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Please if anyone has had a similar experience I would appreciate any information. My dad has today been diagnosed with advanced cancer of the tongue. His only option is a total glossectomy,removal of tongue and larngectomy removal of the voice box. This has come as a great shock to all of us especially my dad. He doesn't think he wants the surgery due to the quality of life he will have. He has been given time to decide. I can't find any information on patients who have had both these surgeries. I would like him to have the surgery but don't want him to suffer. Please any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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hi debkil, sorry i've only just seen your post. a very good site to visit and get information the NALC. there information leaflet is fantastic.

another good site for support and help is on facebook

life does change completly after the operation, but it doesnt end. you soon learn to adjust to the new normal. i only had the total laryngectomee 3 years ago and have been back at work part time for 2 years. hope you dad goes ahead with the operation.

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Hi Dave, sorry I haven't been back on here sooner but my dad has sadly passed away suddenly. It was such a shock and 4 weeks into his radiotherapy.l have just been on a roller coaster since his diagnosis and it feels so surreal. I am trying to come to terms with what has happened and feel so empty. He went from just having a sore throat to passing away after 10 weeks. Thank you for you previous response it was kind of you to reply.

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