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As the fount of all knowledge I really can spell you know I was a lecturer until this is it right that some lesions even if malignant still don tgrow' and reading your stories where one fellow had a lump under his tongue and was given radio but not surgery he seemed to be far better than people who have had surgery I dont want peoples personal details as I realise they are confidential but why that treatment and not surgery and will you please tell me if you can I know its rare but how long does a slow growing mucoid epidermoid in minor glands take to develop assuming person is in good hea;th I realise its like asking how long is piece of string but only want educated guest and you people up there seem to have or k=make a lotof time for your patients
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Hello Eileen (isn't that a line from a song? Dexys Midnight etc.).

I think you're being just a little unfair dumping questions like that on Vinod.

In my very, indeed extremely, limited view of things I would have thought that each individuals response to such an invasive disease varies wildly.

Whilst you, yourself, may well think you're in the prime of health it may well be that there are things which, given the right set of circumstances, may prove you wrong.

There are, I'm sure, so many factors affecting the progress, or otherwise, of any disease that any satisfactory reply can only be a guess.

Listen to your body, and as with a doctor, view the result with scepictism (surely that spellings wrong).

However I await more knowledgeable replies.
Hi Blitz

Just kidding about the spelling. Hope no offence is taken. Me - I can only type with one finger! So it takes me a while to type a reply Big Grin .

I am not an expert on salivary gland tumours, I deal with the oral care, pre- & post-treatment, of my head and neck cancer patients. Through the RDOC website, I try to make it easy for patients to access information on mouth cancers. See Introduction and Background.

Mucoepidermoid carcinoma is the most common malignant minor salivary gland tumor representing 38% of malignant neoplasms. Mucoepidermoid carcinomas occur most commonly in the palate and can be divided into 3 grades: low, intermediate, and high. The clinical presentation and course of mucoepidermoid carcinoma correlates with the grade of the lesion. Low grade and intermediate grade lesions can be treated with wide-local excision and neck-dissection in clinically positive necks. High-grade lesions require wide-block surgical excision. Neck dissection and post-operative irradiation are also recommended. You may find your answer in MINOR SALIVARY GLAND TUMORS in the section about mucoepidermoid carcinoma.

Hope that helps. Smiler

Best wishes
Vinod :coffee:
Some of the lurkers who just read need to come out and comment and introduce themselves. It is not so frightening to comment on some aspect of the illness or a relative's illness that is bothering us.

I agree with you Krishan you need a lot more people actually commenting on aspects of the many variations of the problems that occur within the forum before a chat room is opened.

Sites do cost money to run and this is already providing a valuable service. What you need is a mass mailing to hospitals making them aware of the site. I was directed to the Bacup site by my oncologist and although it was OK what I really wanted/needed was a site specific to my cancer like this one is.

We should be thinking of ways to get this site message across to the community that deals with head and neck cancers and dental restoration.

Ideas please from the rest of you.....
Pauline, I do agree with your comments.

Talking openly about cancer, and ones hopes and fears is, I'm sure, quite difficult for most of us.

I still find hard to open my soul to strangers, but I keep trying.

I only wish I could come up with some positive ideas for attracting people, because this is certainly the best site for head and neck cases that I've found so far.
Originally posted by Pauline Thomas:
[qb] We should be thinking of ways to get this site message across to the community that deals with head and neck cancers and dental restoration.

Ideas please from the rest of you..... [/qb]
Thanks Pauline. Well, hopefully this year's Mouth Cancer Awareness Week (in November) will provide us the opportunity to promote this new message board through the media. Cool
HI ALL Krishan,Pauline, Pikeman,I agree really it is too early to set up a chat room as the few who do post will stop posting and the site will look like a "desserted battle field " I think the last thing we need right now is to let people think we have givn up or all gone to the next world Smiler (not you Krishan). It is the best site I have found on neck and mouth Cancer and we should put our brains together and promote it as much as possible. As a long shot I am going to email This Morning programme and tell them of the Mouth & Neck Cancer week and see if they will give us at least a mention. The statistics I read are frightening and kills more people than breast Cancer and if I read it right 50% chance of living 5 years.

Paul, what a cracking idea tp try and get some media mention.

It might be an idea, a bit nearer the time, for all of contacted our local TV and radio suggesting they do something - even if it's only a mention. The more people who know about these forms of cancer, their probable causes, and just how lethal they can be compared to some of the "popular" cancers the better it must be for everybody.

Eileen, thanks for those kind words. Now I'll have to think back to try to remember what I wrote to warrant them.

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