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Just been told I have tongue cancer today. MRI and CT scans are booked for later in the week. Plan is for operation early December. Don't want to scare myself ready lots of negative stuff - really interested in the pragmatic, factual information and to find out more about others experiences (bearing in mind we are all different) as they went through tongue cancer treatment. Are there any resources, websites, information you would recommend?
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So sorry to hear of the circumstances under which you have had to join us here, but we are here for moral support and for you to vent your feelings as and when the need arises.

Everyone's experiences are different - everyone is unique, as you say. You do not say at which stage your tongue cancer is and you also say that MRI and CT is planned for later in the week. Interesting to hear that you have been given a definite diagnosis before those have happened. Although there is a lot of useful stuff out there on the net it is very easy to frighten oneself stupid by reading too much.

I was not operated on, but had chemo and radiotherapy and I will say that I am suffering the after effects of radiotherapy.

Please let us know what stage everything is at.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
Sorry to hear that you diagnosed with cancer.I was also diagnosed with tongue cancer last month 13.My cancer stage was T1NoMo .I went thru partial glossectomy and selective neck dissection where level 1,2 and 3 node has been removed and biopsed and no metastasis found.There are no radiation and chemo because it found and very early stage. I am recovering well.Before surgery I got all knowledge that what doctors are going to do what is the treatment . I found that if you have knowledge then you will not be fearful because knowledge is the power.Be positive and keep moral high.Best of luck
sorry to hear your news.. I'm new here and yesterday I found out there's a reddish white lump beneath my tongue. I believe it's been there quite sometime.
Need advise that is there any signs or symptoms for cancerous mouth or tongue? I working overseas and its remote area doesn't have such facility to check.

Hope anyone can advise as I'm so confuse.
Hello, I am so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. I was diagnosed in April 2008. I had a partial glossectomy and a neck dissection with removal of 13 nodes. They found a tiny cancer cell but decided I did not need chemo or radiation. My advise to you would be, not to go online and read all the negative stories. When I was first found out I had cancer, I would go on line and read all the horrible things people were going through. I was terrified. I decided I would not go on the internet. I wanted to keep my mind clear of negative thoughts. The mind is very powerful and you need to keep a positive outlook. I wish you all the best Kim
Hi IGF900 just seen your post on the MCF website. Sorry to hear of your woes. I was diagnosed 10 years ago with cancer in my left tonsil. I had surgery with a full neck dissection followed by radiotherapy. It was grim in the early stages but slowly things started to return - taste, saliva etc. I am now 10 years on and have recovered really well with no further complications. The NHS gets a lot of flak but when the chips are down there is no better organisation. I see that you are in the newbury Thatcham area - I live in Thatcham. If you ever want to vent or bend an ear please contact me. All the very best to you for the weeks ahead. Kind regards Rosie
hi there, sorry to hear your diagnosis however take the advice from people's experiences and stay positive, you can get through this and lead a pretty normal life Smiler

i was diagnosed 8 years ago with tongue cancer and have had neck disection and chemo radiotherapy. its tough but you can get through it . dont be afraid to PM me or air your concerns on here, there is always someone who can help. as has been mentioned stay away from the horror stories, and i used to live by the mantra of only looking things up on a "need to know basis" . stay strong

gordon x
My Father has been suffering from a 'funny voice' for some months. His second/third visit to the GP around 10 days ago revealed a growth on his tongue. He has an MRI scheduled for Monday 9th May and operation for 24th May. I have spoken to the GP who has indicated a 'high probability' of cancer given the other symptoms, weight loss etc. He is a stroke sufferer and has had a triple by-pass. He is 81 at the end of May.
I live in Italy, Mum & Dad are in York, UK. My brother is local. That's the back ground!
The comments in this discussion, I have found to be very useful. I am a typical man ... I can fix it, which isn't my parents mode. They will sit and let the system pull them along, taking everything at face value and adopting the "we'll see" posture. I want to know the options, understand, etc. which is why I called the GP. I am flying back on Monday because I guess that the MRI diagnosis will reveal everything and set out the probable course of treatment. I am as worried about my Mother and her ability to deal with this. However, I am very conscious of 'interfering' on all levels and do not wish to cause and additional stress.
I would welcome any and all comments. Thank you in advance.
Hi JTH, this is always the worst time...waiting for diagnosis and then the wait for something to happen! I started off on this site - the original post is from me. 5 months in, I can tell you it was no fun in the beginning (I had a big operation in December with some arm and shoulder complications as a result). Everyone is different and any diagnosis and treatment will be largely dependent on location, size and level of seriousness. What I would share is that it is worse for those in support roles as you feel so helpless. My husband really was a rock star and prior to my diagnosis I would have said he would have not been able to cope. Your Mum will hopefully be the same. I kept a blog throughout my treatment and beyond. I have catagorised the posts relating to my cancer as "changes related to the cancer adventure" - it's Have a look and see if any of this might be helpful to your family. all the very best. Laura
Hi JTH, hope you are bearing up. Cancer touches everyone involved. My cancer was in the jaw and later found in the cheek so I have had a double dose you might say. I just thought I would say that if your father is being treated at York Distrct Hospital with him being local to York their Head and Neck Cancer unit is brilliant. The team is so very caring, don't rush you and are ready to answer all questions however trivial. I had both of my operations there and could not of been treated better. My thoughts are with you all.

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