I was diagnosed with mouth cancer a week ago. Since then I have had MRI and CT scans.
The consultant gave me my treatment plan today. Surgery to remove tumour. Flap created from arm. Disection of lymph nodes. It's pretty major and scary. I am having a feeding tube put in before the op. I have never been in hospital before so this is even more scary.
No date for op yet as had to join the waiting list.

I wish I had my partners positive spin on it because when we left the meeting his words were "well that all seemed very positive". I suppose easy to say when its not you going through it.
I'm trying to take it a step at a time, I seem to veer from sheer panic to moments of relative calm.I'm trying to avoid taking anti depressants if I can but I have some "just in case" diazepam.
Unfortunately I made the mistake of googling before my diagnosis and have frightened myself to death. Any tips on how to deal with this maelstrom?
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Hi Wendy, My thoughts and good wished go out to you.
Its very hrard top know what to say but your right its your personal journey and you have to cope.
You can read my story under experiences davids story it may give you an uinsite to what to expect.
I can say they have found your Cancer soon and by whay you say the Consutants are on top of it all.You liker many before you will go through the ups and downs.All I can say is you will come out of this a better person .A quote from a lovely guy who was on here Pikeman "dont let the bastarts get you down".
I too thought I was going into hospital for the first time and would come home the next day!! how dumb is that?
We write to me anytime you can private mesage on here.Let us know your opertion date.
I p will say a prayer for you thats all I can do right now.But do know their is light at the end of the tunnel for you.

Take Care and you sound to havea pillar of strenght in your husband to help you through tis.


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