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I thought I would be brave and post a question as it's something I don't seem to get anywhere with at th hospital. I had had my bottom jaw removed - too big to reconstruct really and after long deliberation agreed with the hospital I was better off as it is...but that means my jaw is loose and swings about a fair bit - which can be amusing in a dark comedy way - but I can get awful pain. I had two teeth removed and a root canal on my good side before they diagnosed what was causing the pain - I have no teeth at all obviously on the other so have to eat on the left side - (I know I am VERY lucky to be able to eat at all!) - The pain is caused by the muscles in the jaw - basically getting fed up with doing all the work and trying to hold the jaw in place, but is there anything I can do other than take pain killers to control the pain? Or can you r4ecommend the best painkillers to take? I am on Naproxen and Ibroprufen at the moment.
Probably not I guess, but I thought I would ask or see if anyone else shares this little oddity?

All the best to everyone!

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Me again - rereading I realise I made astake - HALF my bottom jaw not all of it. Wouldn;t be anything to swingabout would there if it was all gone!

Funny story while I'm here. I had to go for an X-ray on my jaw. Five times they tried and I'm stood there with my head in the stand thinking what is going on? Then I twigged.
"You do know I've only got half a jaw don't you?"
"Oh, we though the machine wasn't working properly!"
You have to laugh sometimes. It's that or cry!


Hi Tony,
I had part of my lower jaw removed in October 2006 and three op's after that. The last one was to remove the bone graft and brace which was implanted at the first op as they were creating further problems.
I have bloody awful pain on a daily basis and am supposed to take 60mg Morphine sulphate 3xday
300mg Neurontin(Gabapentin) 3xday and have oramorph for breakthrough.
I can't funtion on it and now when it gets really tough I meditate. It takes practice but now if I'm getting it bad I can actually get myself there mentally and still hold a conversation or take a lecture at college at the same time!!!
Apart for the oramorph which I only take if I'm really climbing the walls, I haven't renewed my prescription for the other stuff for months.
Thats me though. I think it all depends on tolerence levels and finding something to take your mind of it, what works for me might not do it for you. It's worth a try though.
Good luck
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