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I am santos, 27 yrs old from Thailand.

There is a small bump of about 5 mm size underneath my tongue. It appears for few days and disappears itself. This is happening to me since 4 or 5 years back.

This time it lasts a little bit longer from previous, so i went through internet to find possible cause.

Now i scared if its a cancer.
As I found information in internet, the most probable cause for this is due to higher rate of smoking and drinking. I never smoke and drink occasionally.

I will be pleased to get any information and suggestion regarding my problem.

Thank you
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Hi Santos

Since this is something that comes goes, I'd think it wasn't cancer HOWEVER you really ought to have your doctor examine it.

The internet is fantastic for lots of things--diagnosing serious health conditions is not one of them. Much of what you find is worst-case-scenario.

Please let us know how this turns out.

Julia is absolutely right. The internet can serve to frighten you silly about what you might or might not have. It is usually a 'worst case scenario' and yes, smoking and alcohol are blamed far too quickly for all sorts of things. They won't help, agreed, but it is too easy to use that as a blanket cause. I firmly believe that stress is a major factor in many cases. But then I hope you have seen a doctor and/or dentist and that they have managed to allay your fears.

Please let us know what they have to say.

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