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Hi All
I want to share an inspirational 'story' with you and I hope the link below actually works (me and computers and all).
Last night on our X Factor auditions was a guy Karl Dimachki who had tongue cancer 15-18 months ago. He has had a hemiglossectomy and neck dissection and in spite of being told he would never sing again, and not be able to speak for 3 or 4 years, there he was competing in a national 'talent quest'. He was wonderful. I hope you're able to see it and that you get the same tingles I got.

Love to all

PS Thanks so much for your help Tony (I hope I've got it right!!!)
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Hi Sue
Great to hear from you! How are you?
I have watched Karl's 'moment' a dozen times at least. He was sent home last night but was full of grace and so grateful to have 'proved' himself. He is a shining light and I hope he goes on to bigger and better things.
Great that you're sharing his clip among your friends. I noticed last night when I was showing it to a friend of mine, he has had about 93,000 hits!

I sent your link to at least 100 friends. What an inspiration he is! On Facebook I've 'friended' a guy in Florida who has had 3 recurrences of throat cancer. He calls himself a Warrior, which he is, of course.

He has forwarded Karl's vids as I have, and the message has gone around the world, thanks to all of us.

Thanks, Deb. This has made a world of difference


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