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It is no co-incidence that on one of my now rarer and quieter visits to this site: since Maggie's illness, that I discover the sad news of Brenda's passing.

I do not grieve for the dead because they have moved onto a different spiritual plain where only love is known and no pain can be experienced either physically or emotionally: that is certainly where Brenda will now be and her love for us survives in our hearts and we have our individual memories of the comfort she gave so selflessly.

I pray for the living and especially all those who must cope with the physical absence of those they loved, cherished and needed but who have moved on to their eternal peace ahead of them.

Tears now bitter and stinging for Brenda will gradually sweeten and become consoling tears of joy as we forget the immediate pain of loss to celebrate the life and recall with pleasure the experience of sharing time howsoever brief with someone as kind as Brenda Brady.

Memories will keep her spirit alive in our minds and best she shall continue to to give comfort for countless more sufferers who come to know her wisdom through these pages into the future for as long as they exist.

I pray that John and the immediate and wider family of Brenda can know the same peace and contentment that Brenda knew when the load was lifted from her shoulders as others first prayed for her; and she experienced first hand the grace, love and fellowship of our Lord, which gave her the strength and wisdom to support us all.

Thank you Brenda Brady for touching my life so gently and making it easier for me to bear the pain of living: well done you are a true and faithful servant and you shall be welcomed by our Lord and Saviour with open arms to share the eternal peace of His Heavenly Kingdom.

Alan xx
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