Good Morning Julia,
A one time regular contributer to the forums(fora?) always ended with "you dont give up laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you give up laughing" I think this is so very true. I am quite sure that the last part of me to die will be my sense of humour.
One of the most amusing films I have ever seen "The life of Brian" ends with a row of crosses with men nailed to them singing"always look on the brighter side of life". Perhaps I may have found it difficult to maintain my sense of humour under these circumstances and even mentioning this film, which to some people will be the epitome of blasphemy, will result in my being struck by a bolt of devine lightening. I think I am safe enough because the God which I recognise has a sense of humour and will smile at the ingenuity of the creatures which he created.
Keep smiling
hi john
the life of brian has to be the funniest film ever,even though it causes an uproar when it was released.i have watched it several times and still always find something funny i missed the other times i have watched it.i have always been a monty python fan since the 60's when they first appeared on t.v.i often find myself talking in a silly voice saying he has been a naughty boy and he's not coming they say laughter is the best medicine.the biggest laugh over christmas was watching the royle family it was hilarious.take care love shirl xxx

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