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from CANCERWISE CONSUMER, July 2006 Issue
Hypnosis Relaxes Patients, Caregivers
“I was walking the halls and shaking all over and had a tremendous headache,” Darby says. But then Aida Molano, an M. D. Anderson social work supervisor, saw him and took him to her office. Trained in hypnosis, she talked him through an exercise designed to reduce stress and anxiety.

During a hypnosis session, Molano encourages listeners to:

Breathe deeply – “Exhale tension and worries” and “inhale perfect health and healing.”

Relax – One body part at a time, from the feet to the muscles in the mouth.

Drift into a deeper state of relaxation – As Molano counts from one to 10.

Feel safe – Imagine a personal oasis.

Take in positive suggestions – Molano states positive affirmations to help people feel stronger, more confident, and less tired and anxious.

Molano says hypnosis helps with:

  • Sleeping difficulties
  • Fear of medical procedures
  • Problems concentrating
  • Pain
  • Fatigue

Download Aida Molano’s 30-minute self-hypnosis CD.
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Thanks for sharing such useful information, Dr Vinod K Joshi. It was very helpful for me. Hypnosis is the good treatment for all type of mental and health issues. By the way have anyone heard of they provide a good hypnosis treatment. When i was suffering from stress problem. One of my friend took me to hypnosis treatment. They guided me in a better way. they provide good exercise and best tips. It was very much helpful for me.

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