dad's got slow-release hydromorphen capsules as it's not available in liquid form, we were told to empty them and mix them with water so we could put them through his tube. but the little beads stick inside the syringe, and they still are still coming back up his tube four hours later?

the district nurse said to empty them and then crush them with a pestle and mortar, then mix with water. but mum thinks this will make them fast release?? as maybe the beads are slow releasing and we are crushing them so they act straight away?

dad is already kicking off about taking it, says he wants to go back on the MST which our doctor told us was rubbish anyway. even though he's been on it since oct. ?!

any advice? or ideas on how to get them through the tube easier?
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Hi, I also have to take all my medications through my tube. I first tried water ages ago and had the same problems with capsules. I now mix all my meds with my liquid food which is thicker. It works great. Check first with your doctor or nurse before using this method.

hope that helps, good luck, Cricket

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