Hi...new here...and looking for information, information, information! My husband has had an on and off again irritation to his underside of tongue for some months now. He went last week for a biopsy from his oral surgeon and it came back today as severe dysplasia! I am trying to stay calm and need to keep him calm but I don't know what to do! We have to go see his oral surgeon on Saturday and he said he would talk and explain and give us some names of ENT doctors to go and see. Do we go to the ENT first or go to a cancer center? I don't want to waste time but don't know what the best route is to take. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself? I'm just so nervous...Since he called me I've been online doing research and finding anything I can about this. Even though it's severe, it is STILL pre-cancerous and hopefully they can just get rid of it. After the excision of the cells is done, what then? Is there radiation, chemo? Just time? Sorry for all the questions and I'll probably have a million more frown

I have been trying to read all of the posts I can but wanted to try and start my own. Thank you to anyone out there that can help with info and support!
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Hello Kelly

If the excision of the dysplasia is complete, no further treatment is required, other than follow-ups for check-ups being recommended. (Self awareness and checks for early signs is also recommended.)

I don't follow why the oral surgeon would talk about referrals to an ENT surgeon (as not their specialty) for a lesion in the mouth. Or did you mean an OMFS (oral & maxillofacial) surgeon?

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Hi Dr. Joshi, Thank you for your reply. Our oral surgeon is referring us to ENT doctors that have treated this prior, not just to any ENT. They do have experience with this dx. We also may go into NYC to see the NYU Oral Cancer Center as well. We do need the area of the tongue looked at further, with further excision and to get clean margins. It has not spread and we want to keep it that way!

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