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The whole thing sounds horrendous - too easy to blame life's problems on smoking. Even those who didn't smoke would e told it was due to 'passive smoking'. It covers a multitude of sins but there are other things out here which certainly don't help. Stress. Also has to be a factor.

I was in the process of losing weight earlier this year when the trigeminal neuralgia really was bugging me and I was too frightened to eat, and that was well before I went into hospital with pneumonia, pleurisy and an empyaema. When I came out I had to learn how to put one foot in front of the other, then I had to relearn how to breathe half way properly. My thigh muscles didn't exist. Now I am building them up again and at least my right lung has re-expanded. Not an experience to be recommended and certainly not one I wish to repeat. I must have lost a couple of stone this year - not that it has done me any harm. Am now trying to rebuild muscle whilst keep weight at a decent level. I am told I am looking very well and I don't have to go the ENT/MaxFax for another three months. They seemed quite pleased, so I feel happier taking off into the wilds of France.

Depending on what time of day your surgery is, makes a difference as to how many times you can stop and stretch your legs and generally get to feel a bit better. Please let us know when the surgery is going to happen.

Stay Srong
I do agree that gastric bands virtually on demand is all wrong - how did all this happen? Can it all be put down to junk food and lack of exercise?

What an appalling wait you have had - enough to get to anyone, let alone the agony of a long wait with nothing improving. September 11th - not long now.....

I am wearing the 'night guard' over my front teeth most of the time now, and am more comfortable wearing it than not wearing it and it certainly helps. What I need now is something that will keep will keep my bottom teeth further forward as my jaw is still locking quite badly at night. Again, 'The Things They Don't Tell You', and that is what makes forums like this so useful. At least some people might get a bit of an idea of what is in store for them - that is if they find the site.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies...
Poor you. That sounds horrendous. Last year it was the right side of my neck that hurt most of the time. Now it is the left side. The left had more 'treatment' than the right and probably(?) took longer to come round to the fact that a lot of things had happened, which is probably why I am tending to over think things.

My GP seems to recognise that all sorts of things happen at different times, but the experts just seem to shrug it off....

I hope the 11th proves useful.
The trouble with 'home research' is that it can be quite frightening - even if one does come to the right conclusion long before anyone else!

As a matter of interest (to me anyway) I omitted to put the night guard back in the other night - in other words I fell asleep and just managed to turn the light out without doing anything else, but woke later with the left side of my jaw hurting quite considerably. It didn't take me long to realise what had happened, or appreciate what a difference it can make.

Good luck with things. I am off to see the family in Dorset on Thursday - back Sunday. Haven't been down there since Easter - I was ill enough then, but not REALLY ill. Time I got there.....
Thank you so much - lucky I seem to have got a bit more energy than before. I said I would take a ready cooked casserole down, for all of us. At least this way I know I am going to be able to eat something. Then the next two nights I am self catering - don't know what Tom and Louise are going to do. All pills have to be sorted (as well as for France) which is very time consuming - and all around various appointments.

I'll gat there!!

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