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Sandra asked how long before the mouth ulcers would stop after her chemo/radiotherapy.

In a study (Long-term oral Candida colonization, mucositis and salivary function after head and neck radiotherapy. ) that followed the long-term effects of radiation therapy of head and neck malignancies on oral yeast colonization, mucositis and salivary function, examiner-rated mucositis and patient-rated xerostomia showed no significant recovery after 6 or 12 months. In this prospective study, 32 patients had radiation therapy of a malignancy of the head and neck. In all patients the salivary glands lay within the radiation field and the patients had at least five teeth. The first examination was performed after oral hygiene instruction and removal of questionable teeth before the start of radiotherapy. The following examinations were conducted after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.
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I was doing some searching as I am in recovery from IMRT radiation treatments with Chemotherapy and was looking for this kind of data related to Mucositis recovery post treatment. The results of the poll are consistent with where I am right now with my last treatment occuring on 31 Jan 13. I would be in week 5 and still have symtoms of Mucositis but there is gradual improvement. Is this site still active and is their more current data since this was posted in June 2009?

Thank you
My main recovery was in the range 5-8 weeks.
I had a thrush infection on my tongue which wasn't picked up initially which definitely didn't help.
I also wonder if the recovery might be somewhat age related i.e. younger - shorter time etc.(I was 50 at the time during my RT - 50th birthday at RT mid-point))
One things for sure - I didn't get my saliva back and my mouth is very sensitive to spicy(chilli!!!!) foods.
All the very best - Tony K
I found that the 'six to eight weeks' recovery was quite easy - it was after that that things started to stiffen up. However, 15 months post treatment still have no saliva thus mouth still sore. Breathing through mouth a problem; talking too much becomes a problem - mouth gets sire and dry and tongue sticks to roof of mouth.
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Good luck Penny,


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