keep checking to see what people have to say, but don't see some of the people wsho seemed to be "the regulars" lately. Purplekitten, how is the depression? Big Ray how are you? How are your spirits doing? I just feel for anyone who's had to go through what we went through. Peace.
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Hey Laurel Smiler we have not met and I am not a "regular" (yet) but this board has helped me out quite a bit and I am truly grateful to those that post - my father has stage IV base of the tongue and is doing chemo and rad - he realized last week that he is tired and maybe this isn't the time to build that new deck (silly guy) he thought since he had "time" off work he should build a new deck but the chemo and rads cuaght up with him and he is "chilling" now - he is still super positive but no longer drives himself to treatments - just focussing on the HEALING!!!
Hi Laurel

How are you doing?

Flappy and I get on so well that even I forget that he's after-market and not original equipment.

I had a follow visit with my ENT on 7/16 and it went spectacularly. The intern who accompanied my doctor seemed totally gob-smacked at the way I sound. She stared and stared and finally said "you sound like you haven't had anything done."

It's been a warm and beautiful Tuesday in Ypsilanti (my town).

Talk to you later
Thanks for your replies. It's nice to have contact with others who have had this type of cancer or have a love one with it. Helpingdad, your father will realize his projects will have to be on hold. I found I couldn't do anything,even reading was impossible. It's because I was giving the fight of my life. But now, I go for long walks, garden, and I'm even painting (I'm a watercolor artist). Take care everyone.
Hi Laurel

I don't like to moan about the things that are wrong at the moment as it makes me feel ungrateful to be alive. I should be grateful I am alive and poorly rather than being worm food.

I ache so much in my upper arms and upper legs that it borders on hurting. My GP reckons it is viral, but it exactly how I felt prior to be diagnosed. My oncologist said that a chemical can be produced alongside cancer which can result in the fatigue that I have been feeling. He added that he expected this fatigue to lift after my cancer was destroyed...that was ayear ago. I really feel that there is a distinct lack of aftercare for us lot. It feels as though they are saying "there you go, we've treated you, now off you go". I see a ENT consultant every six weeks and she is marvellous, but she doesn't know what to do about the fatigue. She took a blood sample to check for anaemea, but that came back negative.

Oh well, such is life. It is getting to the stage where I just don't care anymore, especially as the nights are drawing in and the "season of depression" is looming!

Well that's my gripe off my are things with you Laurel?


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