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My partner had SCC on the tongue Feb and had it removed March/April. Had radiotherapy afterwards and is now recovering.

He needs a local support group if we have one in the area. We're in North Essex. Does anyone know if there is a H&N support group around the area?

He goes for occasional counselling with Macmillan but it's doing him no good, so I've arranged for him to see a private counsellor as recommended by the BCAP in our area. But I think he'd do well by sitting down speaking to others that have had similar.

He goes to the hospital group once a month, but they're all a lot older than him (he's 46) and the average age there is around 60.

At the moment he is dealing with the fear of it coming back. Every twinge is "cancer" coming back and although his specialist has said that there's only 10% chance of it coming back but the worry is taking him over.

I am overly empathetic so his worry is making me worry more too so if he could get some help, that would in turn help me to cope too.

Thanks for reading
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Hello Jackie

Please ask your friend to join the forum and read the stories of other survivors. Worrying about recurrence is a natural thing. There are many long time survivors on this forum who will share their experiences and advise on how to best manage this fear. It is always good to be vigilant but also to know what to expect as you heal.

Best wishes

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