My husband was diagnosed wtih tonsil cancer July 05. He finished chemo/radiation around Dec. 10, 2005. He has a PEG tube and has started vital stimulation therapy to learn how to swallow again. He has an ulcer in his throat at the tumor site, which is slow healing. I've tried to blend food for his PEG but I can't get it the right consistency to drip through the tube. He is taking Jevity, 8 cans a day. Is there anyone out there who has a blended food recipe for an adult. I don't know if giving him real food will help him heal faster or not. He is maintaining his weight, but I'm worried about the ulcer in his throat not healing. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do?
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my husband was the king of blending food in the blender! he burnt a lot of blenders and the best blender that he used, liked, and I still have is:
Model: CB600

I just did a search on google and it is on sale for only 59.99 and it comes with a food processor.

some foods are easier to blend than others, and sometimes it was very difficult to control using the syringe.. so we did have accidents where the food spashed on the ceiling or the walls.. but my husband enjoyed eating and he wanted to feel that he was eating what we were eating. So if your husband has the energy to blend, maybe he can use this food processor.

one idea is to first use the food processor to cut the food and mash it into small pieces, then use the blender and add the liquid. My husband added water usually.

I have to clarify that my husband used a syringe to put the blended food in the G-tube, not a drib. You can't use a drip for this purpose. It won't work.. but a syringe will work. However he should not rely on the blended food for nutrition. The canned formula should be the primary source. Of course he should ask his doctor.. but my husband's doctor told him he can use the syringe to eat whatever he wanted.


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