Hi I am a 37 year old male recently diagnosed with SCC on the left side of my tongue. I am just getting started with treatment and should get the final plan tomorrow. I don't ow much about my situation yet other than the depth of the tumor was 5.7mm. My doctor originally told me that we would do the partial vasectomy and a partial neck dissection. All of my scan came back negative for nodel involvement and now he is unsure if we should do the dissection. Given my age and overall good health should I push for the dissection as a preventative. The depth of invasion would also indicate that the dissection would be the best course. Really would love feedback and advice from experienced patient s
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Welcome to the club no one wants to join!

I had what you're facing twelve years ago. The neck dissection was presented as part of the package and it was done in one fell swoop. Scans are good, but nothing beats actual testing; the 50 lymph nodes that my doctor took all proved clear.

The left side of my tongue and the floor of my mouth were replaced with a piece of my right forearm. Flappy, my aftermarket tongue piece, works as well as the original equipment. Is your doctor planning on a resection for you?

When I saw the comment about a partial vasectomy, my immediate thought was that tumor must be ENORMOUS! (Either that, or your doctor should go for more training).

Hoping for the best!

Hi Julia,

I will find out more today on his actual game plan. The original plan was to complete the dissection along with the glossectomy however he seemed to back pedal a bit at our last meeting. It is a bit complicated since my biopsy and pathology were originally completed by different Doctors and this one is only seeing the actual specimen today. I am with you on the dissection since I think it gives me the best chance for long term survival. Hopefully he goes that way on his own but I am planning to push if needed.

YEA I freaked out when I saw the vasectomy...I thought everyone on this forum will think either me or my doctor is insane

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