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Hi all,

5 days ago I burnt my tongue from some scolding hot soup and upon checking my tongue, I discovered what looks like a lump/bump on the right side of my tongue (I have attached 2 photos of said "bump"). Of course the first thing I did was Google it and this has led me here.

I reached out to a family member who has just recently passed their dentistry exams and sent them the same photos. They said it was probably due to the burn or that I was perhaps biting my tongue and it should go away. However, my tongue has pretty much healed back up and the bump remains, I don't think it has reduced in size. Which is why I am concerned.

It is painless and quite soft. I can easily move it about with my finger. The thing is, I don't know if the bump was there before the burn or if it's linked to it. I also noticed today that when I rest my tongue the lump seems to be right where my wisdom teeth are erupting (could this have something to do with it?). 

I'm 22 and currently abroad so I wouldn't be able to see my usual dentist for the next 2 months. Is this something that I should get looked at urgently? I nearly lost my father to an unrelated cancer at an early age and have grown up always being weary!


Thanks for your advice.




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Hi there, 

Sorry to see you have been concerned. From the look of it and the history , it doesn't look serious. I would keep an eye on it for another couple of days and see how it goes. The reduction is size may be slow.  Do you have any funny taste in your mouth? any new sensation like tingling? 

 Best wishes, 


Hi Ana, thanks for replying. As I mentioned, I burnt my tongue and upon inspection of my burnt tongue was when I noticed it. Although I have no idea if it existed before burning my tongue or not. I have no new taste or sensation, nor do I have any other symptoms. 

I did notice however that when my tongue is in a resting position, the bump happens to be right where my wisdom teeth are erupting. I was advised this might have something to do with it.

Hi.  It’s natural to worry, especially with some unrelated history of Cancer.  It’s fair to say there is absolutely zero evidence of cancer being hereditary.  So I’d let go of any concern on that regard. 

If you feel the tongue is being bitten by your teeth then keep an eye on that. 

The professional advice is clear, if you’ve ulcers or red or white patches on the tongue or gums then ii needs checking. 

I’m not a medical practitioner or dentist but know that to be the formal guidance in the UK.  

Take care.  Beware what you read in google and on forums etc.

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