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once again i have oral thrush,i have gone through bottles of nystatin with each episode and still it returns,i bought over the counter some daktarin gel which has not helped at all.this thrush apart from my mouth is in my throat also my oesophegus and its so painful.night time i am going through loads of water just to get some relief and eventually i have to get up,which is why i am posting this at 02.38.hopefully one of you lovely folk will know of an answer,yours in anticipation love shirl xxx
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So I'm not the only one with the oral thrush problem. You really feel alone till you find this site!
Next time I go for my check up I'm going to ask for some of that Fluconazole. Mine fgot so bad - and I mean it was BAD - I had to have it lasered off - I really thought it wascancer but turned out is just thrush - but it was really thick and unmoveable and creating hard lumps. Not nice! But Fluconazole sounds a good option! Thanks!

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