E3E47762-51B6-4AEE-AA2D-28DB1C963C2A04264B4E-8AE6-4B1A-B0EA-3EEFB5B851E5Hi I am a 41 year old female never smoked and I don’t drink. Today I’ve noticed this tiny red sore/ulcer on right side of tongue. I noticed it after eating some spicy food. It is a tiny reddish colour with two very tiny bumps/spots in it. I’ve used medicated mouthwash and Oragel and the soreness has gone away. Does it look like anything to get checked out? Thank you for reading my first post. 


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(Im not a doctor or dentist), the general advice is ulcers or sores which are red or white are worthy of investigation if they persist for a short while, (I think its kind of 2 weeks).  So if its just popped up over night then Male keep an eye on it for a week or so and if it does persist go to the doc or dentist.

Hope that helps, as I say I am not a medical professional but have seen and heard the general guidance many times.

take care

Hi there, I'll suggest you visit the doctor if you've a bad gut feeling about this. It is better to get an early diagnosis then feeling sorry later. 

But, I think it is normal sore, but still, get checked with your doctor and get the best consultation for the medicines and treatment before it gets worse.

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