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It's Ann here, not been on for a few weeks, only to send my wishes to Jo so sad her dad died, makes us all stop in our tracks x

Good news for me was back at Christie on Tuesday and I doing really good, I am back at work next week, after operation 16 weeks ago...............Sad news is my lovely husband Mike has also now got cancer, it prostrate cancer! Found out 4 weeks ago, felt my world had fallen apart when we 1st found out.

Been at Liverpool Royal 2day all day having a bone scan, he already started the tablets on monday, and we where straight to doctors this evening to get his prescription for inplant injection!

I am a very positive person, but I really do feel like swearing at this moment in my life, why do such sad things happen to soooooooooooo many good people?

But then I look around at ppl waiting in Chrisite and I think I am the lucky one xxx

Love to all Ann x
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