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I hope someone can help me, as I'm quite worried about a small, hard, painless swelling on my gum.

It's above one of my front two teeth, right up high under the upper lip, practically under my nose. You can't see anything much in the mouth, but when I run my finger along the area I can feel the bump.

It doesn't hurt on its own, but it does press on the root of the front tooth. When I touch it (and when I blow my nose - it's that far up) I can feel this pressure and it is slightly uncomfortable.

I went to the dentist last week, as I thought it might be abscess - although I thought abcesses hurt, so I am sceptical that it's that.

She felt the bump and agreed something was there. She took an x-ray and said that the tooth is perfect, but that it might still be an abscess on a dead nerve at bottom of the root of that tooth. She said that if it doesn't go away she'll do root canal stuff and 'drain' it that way.

That was over a week ago and the symptoms haven't changed for better or worse. However, I just don't think this is an abscess and I certainly don't want her to do root canal, kill the tooth, and then say - oh, it's not that after all.

I've found another reference on these boards to Gingival fibrous nodules, but my bump is much further up the gum than those in the picture, and nothing much is visible in the mouth.

I'd really appreciate any advice anyone can give me on this!

Many thanks for your time.

Seagoat xx
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Hello seagoat

If the two maxillary (upper jaw) central incisors test vital (vitality tests: electric pulp test, cold, hot, minimal test cavity without anaesthesia), no root canal treatment is indicated!

The bony lump in the midline between the teeth high up under the nose could just be the prominence of the anterior nasal spine. It is unlikely to be a cancer. Leave it alone and if doesn't grow bigger or bother you, it is probably a ' discovered' natural bump. Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
Thanks for your swift reply Dr Joshi, and your reassurances!

The lump is to the side of the left hand front tooth, not in the midline. Sorry, should have made that clear.

The dentist knocked all my teeth around there with an instrument, and nothing hurt. It only feels sensitive when I prod the lump, or smile (because the skin is pulled over it). I shall make sure she does a few more tests before doing any Root canal. She did seem a bit keen on that.

Many thanks again Dr.

Seagoat xx
Has anyone else suffered from this? Or if you read this Seagoat please let me know how you got on. I'm in the same situation except my lump is above a premolar.

My dentist also suggested abscess as a cause as when cold tested and tapped it felt dead. When I went back a week later he tested it again and I could feel it again. I can now feel it completely normally - so my dentist decided the best course of action was to keep an eye on it rather than invade an undead tooth. Nothing particular showed up on my xrays.

Again the lump is so high up it's right under the lining. If pushed it feels as though pressure is being exerted on the tooth. Sometimes I can also feel my heart beat in it (weird eh).

Basically I have got no further in finding out what this thing is and it's well over a month since first discovering it. It's no larger or now smaller and sometimes results in a feeling of pressure in my face around the cheek and underneath eye socket. Am getting a little concerned.

Did anyone in this thread get an answer? I have the EXACT same symptoms. Dentist gave me an antibiotic a week and a half ago and nothing improved. Took an X-ray and saw nothing. I’m panicking and ready to see another doctor when the holiday is over but I’d love to hear what happened for any of the rest of you first. I do have a history of melanoma too. 

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