iHave recently discovered tow hard lumps in my houth that are movable.

The first is painles andu nder my tounge, not obstructive and not visable to the nakes eye althoguh i can feel it myself.

The Seccond is on the left hand side of my mouth where the cheek meets my Gum. This is the same kind of lump but sore to the toutch and the tissue around this is very red (sore). I have an impacted wisdom tooth however the lump is not directly adjacent to the tooth so i assume this would be undrelated.

I do have a habit of chewing the inside of my mouth (must stop) could this have been caused by the trauma?

I have been to see my dentist for my regular check up last week and raised my concerns about these lumps however i do not feel that they were really looked at during the check up and am still a bit concerned.

Thanks in advance

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