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Oh deary me...someone is suffering a sense of humour failure.

Have you ever heard of Jackie Mason, a Jewish comedian who made the most self deprecating jokes?

There are jokes about different races and cultures in every walk of life. The Irish take the mick (no pun intented) out of the Kerrymen and the Canadians extract the preverbial out of the Newfies. It happens everywhere so get over it. I find humourless prigs most offensive, but I don't bang on about it!

I suggest that people with a selective sense of humour stay away from the humour pages in case they get offended. That is, of course, unless they are looking for something to moan about. I'd of thought their energy would be put to better use on a site such as this.


"A sick sense of humour and proud of it!"

Don't bring your views on anti semitism onto this site. If something "appears...offensive", then report it, otherwise keep your personal opinions to yourself on this matter.

You know nothing about Jewish humour and your thoughts on this matter are both ignorant and misguided.

I suggest you read about this gentleman and then read some of his jokes

Are you suggesting that this is anti semitic??
Hi Ray

Thanks for the links - I have read some of the jokes which amused me. The difference to me is that they are by Jewish people about Jewish people. Everyone is allowed to poke fun at themselves (although I do still think there can be problems about people doing this). The real difficulty for me is when people make jokes based on negative stereotypes of other races as these can reinforce prejudices and encourage a culture in which people are looked down on/thought less of/treated differently because they are of a different group or race. Just because "everyone" does it doesn't make it OK. I didn't realise that you were Jewish and thus poking fun at yourself. If so,I apologise, but I think you should have stated this on your post. This forum can be read by anyone on the net and jokes can cause offence and upset people.

I work in the NHS where we have a very strong equality and diversity programme, which encourages us to challenge things. This is why I responded to your post rather than just ignored it.

By the way, my name is Gwyn, not Gwen!


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I think life is too short to be squabbling over things that really don’t matter there is always someone that is targeted in any joke (my feet are pretty small so am close to the kitchen sink !!) we can’t please everyone and if you have had a year like we have just had a bit of humour is good and if we start looking at every joke on here I am sure there will be the odd one that other folk don’t like . put it to bed there are enough negative posts on here without having to find them in the humour section .i have learnt to roll my eyes and move on a much better start to the day in my opinion .
Hey it's all go here isn't it! I'm sure no one intended to offend or upset anyone s0 lets shake hands and wish everyone a very merry Christmas! Anyone on this site is united by mouth cancer which is particulalry unfunny/ That said my swife who has been in hospital recently was recovering in bed when I happened to say it could be worse - look at which she replied

"Yes but at least it's only in your mouth!"

Well I had to laugh and so did she. She didn't mean to offent - but I could have gone off in one huge huff.

race wise I think we are all a vast mix off so many genes we are all probably part everything else somewhere in our family trees!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

Since the title for this page was Happy Christmas, I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone in the group a happy holiday season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, Kwanzaa, or whatever.

Here in Michigan, we're going to have one of the whitest Christmases in ages. Since last Thursday we've had at least 35 cm of snow.

I agree with Charly: put it to bed!

Best of the season to you and yours.


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