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My name is Lizz and I am currently in my final year of training to become a Speech & Language Therapist.

I am conducting a research study into how interactions are affected after a laryngectomy.

I am looking for around 15 people who have had laryngectomies to answer some questions for me, giving their opinion and experiences of interacting since their surgery.

All of this can be done via email, and there is no follow-up committment required; you simply fill in the answer form and consent sheet, email them back, and that's it.

If you feel that you could lend an hour or so of your time, it would be very much appreciated, and will hopefully go on to ensure that Speech Therapy services remain relevant and helpful for the future.

If you are interested in taking part in this study, please send me a short email at and I will send you the relevant information within 48 hours.

Kind regards and many thanks in advance,

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