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Thanks for organising it Dr Joshi. It really was a great day and so nice to meet Debs, Angiebaby and her daughter, Kath and Tony, Mum, Gwyn, Ken and his wife, Purplekitten and others. Debs did a wonderful job of starting off the walk. Trev would have been so proud of her.

I was amazed not to ache yesterday.

Warm wishes to all,

I'm still aching today - but in different places!

I had a fabulous weekend. It really is amazing to meet so many people and put faces to names. It was great to meet Cathy, and Tony and Kath. And to walk round with Johnmac and Tracey again.

Mum, I missed you again - next year we'll both have to wear red carnations or something.

Chloe - I just wished I'd asked on the train why you were wearing that purple dress!

Angie - thanks so much for arranging the meet-up. And good to meet Chelle there, as well.

Deborah - it really was wonderful of you to come all the way from Australia to start off the walk.

And, of course, special thanks to Vinod for organising it all and making sure the sun shone so brightly again!

Much love to all

It was my first walk following my diagnosis and surgery a year ago. What a fantastic day it was and what a wonderful bunch of people to spend a day with, especially Ann who I met through the on line support group. She really helped me when I was awaiting my surgery and afterwards and we met face to face for the first time on Saturday and got on really well. I can't wait for next year. I'm already planning my fancy dress costume!!

Thanks Dr Joshi for the Foundation and organising this wonderful event.

Louise x (one of the bumble bees!!!)
Hi Louise
Your costumes were terrific! A shame we didn't get to meet.
Mum, thanks so much for coming up and introducing yourself. It was great to meet you. I think we got on the old cancer train around the same time, didn't we? Seems like a lifetime ago. I hope you're going to post the photo (or send it to me, please?).
Russ, as I said, it would've been great to meet up and I doubt very much (although NEVER say never) if I will get to do the walk again, so unless you're in uptown South Australia at some point, we won't get a chance to meet. As Gwyn said, everyone is so friendly and keen to put faces to names so don't hang back on making introductions.
Cheers everyone
Hi Deborah

I'm glad you liked the costumes - I thought yours were pretty good too. What a brave lady you are and what a journey to make for the walk!

I've got my 1 year check up in a couple of weeks so everything crossed that I will pass the first milestone.

Before next years walk I will post a message to let you all know what I'll be wearing so you can all come up and introduce yourselves! I would love to meet you all - will there be any time to actually walk?!!

Louise x
Hi Everybody

Just wanted to explain why the video of the walk is not yet posted. Pete and I had set aside the day last Sunday to get the editing done. However, just as we got started, the computer failed - it stopped working completely. We rushed off to PC World to get a new power supply, Pete fitted this still didn't work. It is now waiting to be fitted with a new motherboard. Meanwhile I can access my email again on a very dinky little laptop we have acquired, but it is not powerful enough to edit a video on, so that will have to wait till next week when we get the big computer back.

Hope it will be worth waiting for!


Hi Folks

Another update.

We spent last weekend in Brighton for my mother-in-law's 88th birthday. This week Pete got the big computer working again so we planned to get going on the video today. And guess what? We had a power cut which lasted for seven hours!

Funny how things sometimes seem to conspire against you. We will get the video done eventually, I'm sure.



PS It was good to meet you as well, Ken.
What fantastic photographs. I wish that I could join you.

My small contribution to awareness week seems so insignificant. I spread some posters around and posted links on two over 50's sites (one major and one small friendly site). I was pleased with the response from the smaller site and hope that awareness will continue!
Hi Everyone

Just to let you know that the video is now finished! Managed to overcome our ongoing computer problems to get it done at last (with a break while we were away over Christmas). Watching it just now it was really great to relive the walk and it cheered me up no end thinking back to that warm September day.

Not sure what happens with it now, but I am sure Krishan will know.

Love and best wishes


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