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Hello everyone, this is my first post. Thank you for having me. I have had a growth on one side of my sublingual papilla (the flaps of skin on either side of that piece of skin in the middle of the floor of the mouth that holds your tongue down) I first noticed some darker discoloration on it last November. It's always been larger than the other side but although what I'm describing isn't that large it's been enough for me to notice it and check under there. It looks similar to the other side, just larger and with this  dark discoloration on it and this patch seems to have grown now and has what looks like a dark blood vessel running up to it which is the same colour as the patch. When I feel it with my tongue it feels like the texture of jellyfish flesh but that same texture cannot be felt by fingers. I have seen an oral maxillofacial surgeon at the beginning of the year but he was very rude and dismissive and had no reason for why it was there. My sublingual salivary glands also have begun to swell intermittently, mostly on the same side as the growth and discoloration. I was meant to have an ENT appt for something else at the end of March and was going to ask again about this but its been cancelled due to coronavirus. I just can't find any explanation as to what this is or why it now looks like it has a blood vessel running up to it  The photos dont show it very well because I am not great with my phone but as you are looking at it it is on the right hand side under the tongue. Any advice or thoughts please?


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Hi Joe thank you so much for your response. Yes sometimes the gland on that right side swells up and the anatomy of it has definitely changed eg when I first noticed the right side was swollen and looked and noticed the dark patch it was smaller and the blood vessel running up to it now was not there before when I first noticed it it November.

You should only be concern of head and neck cancer if you have these symptoms : pain in oral areas (radiating pain) which is hard to trace the exact origin - usually it somewhat spread across a region (like the bottom left part of mouth, perhaps 25% area).  Pain inside or certain area of the tongue.  On/off pain in certain part of the oral cavity.  It could also induce localised numbness feeling at certain time.  Frequent headaches which seems resistant to normal pain killer - the headache is not like the typical ones, it usually feels like pressure expanding inside your head..  hear ringing/crackling noise inside your ear.  Feeling fullness in the ear (congestion, unrelated to infection as checked by ENT / doc).  Frequent stuffy nose (congestion) unrelated to infection. Frequent pain in the throat and it is unrelated to infection.

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