Hi, I kept feeling like something was in my throat. hard to swollow ect. Got a flash light and sure enough there is. thought this was my tonsil which was removed when I was 5 . Found out it's called uvula (little strip of flesh hangs in the back of your throat). anyway there's a growth about the size of a pencil eraser and is on the bottom right side.

I haven't been feeling real good lately dizzy spells, sick to my stomach,hot cold and can't breath at times. This all started recently along with the swollowing problem. I'm 29 and female and I do smoke a pack a day.
I worry about cancer my father died from a very rare form and so did his mother. Although my father was a vietnam vet and was sprayed with agent orange so not sure if it was really hereditory or not. sorry to much information. lol well I look forward to your thoughts because I have no health insurance ! My uncle is a doctor and I'm going to go see him but this is worrysome! Never realized how common throat cancer is in smoker's 90% of cancer of the oropharynx is from smoking! making me really consider quitting! you don't hear about this stuff in the news. guess it's not to good to tell your customer's the risks. O well, :help: thanks Bonnie
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Hi Bonnie

If you see a growth on your uvula, it needs to be seen by your doctor or dentist who should arrange appropriate referral to a specialist. Most mouth and throat cancers aren't inherited, but life style (smoking, alcohol, etc) seems to play a role. So stopping smoking would be a good move.

With regards to your health, you have to do what you can - health insurance or not. Take a step at a time - don't worry about issues that haven't arisen! If you need help or information about what assistance could be available if you did need it, try asking (email) Brian Hill at the Oral Cancer Foundation in the U.S.A.

Best wishes

Vinod :coffee:
Thank you for responding so quickly. I'm calling my Uncle tp have him look at my throat (he's an internest). I'll try not to worry about costs that haven't incurred yet.
After looking at many photographs and reading much information last night I've decided to quite smoking.
When I was looking in my mouth I can see staining at the roof of my mouth, yuck! also white patchs around the area of the uvula.
I've been smoking on and off since I was 17(quit when I became pregnate with my son)started back up after nursing him for a year. I also stopped drinking about two years ago. I was a heavy drinker until then. not while nursing of course!

Well, I just wanted to thank you and I'll let you know how things turn out. Have a fantastic day! bonnie
Hi Dr. Vinord,

Just wanted to check back in annd let you know how my appointment went. My mom made an appointment with a ent that she saw before. He said he thought I had a throat infection(reason for swalloing prob.) He used a microscoop type thing to look at the growth. He said he thought it was a palf something and that sometimes these things fall off on their own or he could remove it if I wanted. I asked him what differs in appearance between the two he said cancer tends to stick to the surface as opposed to what I have , it has a stem like it was hanging on by a thread. He ordered 10 days of amoxicillion and a return visit in ten days if I'm not feeling beter. That makes me feel beter but wondering should I have it removed and biopsied anyway? By the way it's been 4 days now no cigarettes! So sound about right to you? The docter discounted my visit it was only $40! He also getts lots of referals from my uncle. Lucky for me! Wink Have a fine day! Bonnie
Hi Bonnie

Some polyps are pedunculated tumors, i.e., they grow on stems; others, attached by a broad base, are called sessile. Sounds like you are describing a pedunculated polyp.

My advice: """Get it removed and biopsied.""" It is always better to be safe and not have anything to worry about. Wink

Yes, you are doing good! Keep off the cigarettes, and keep posting. Big Grin

Best wishes
Vinod :coffee:
pedunculated polyp

Does this look anything like the pedunculated palup you are referring too? I just discovered this mass of flesh hanging by what appears to be a thin piece of skin. It doesn't hurt at all, just feels like I have a little piece of food stuck in my mouth and it is slightly annoying. This may sound irresponsible and reckless, but I attempted to remove it myself, using a pair of sterilized tweezers. It was just too slippery and I wasn't able to get a hold of it, without triggering my gag reflex. I don't have insurance and I have always been a "do-it-yourself" type. After research, the closest diagnostic I have found is "Pedunculated polyps of palatine tonsil". I can only afford a Doctor visit if there is significant risk. Can you give me any suggestions, based on the photo I have included? Thanks.
Honestly, diagnoses are best left to doctors. Is there a clinic in your area that services the un- and underinsured? This might be something to search out on the internet.

Removing the mass yourself probably isn't a good idea, sterilized tweezers notwithstanding. Even under the best circumstances, the mouth is a pretty nasty place, and an open wound is a great way to get a nasty infection.

Please let us know what happens.

Just to update my last post....I have NOT seen a doctor about the growth in my throat (pictured above), however, after a few days it drained and became more of a flaccid flap of skin. I took the tweezers and pulled half of it out. It was a pasty puss-like substance, kind of a beige to a dull yellow color. All that remains is a slight small bump, where this "sack" was hanging. I don't feel pain, no longer feel that annoying feeling like you have a popcorn kernel stuck in your throat and it seems to be going away. I still don't know what it was, but it seems to be mysteriously vanishing lol.
hi im jennifer, i am looking for answers on my problem and i have seen this site.. i have that same thing on the picture shown in the topic here.. but mine is attached to the uvula itself... it was when i woke up and i feel like i have a sore throat.. and feels like something was in my mouth so i check on it and kinda scared of it.. coz the fact that i dont know what it is... i used to snore when i sleep and it i never had this thing before thats why im scared.. and wanting to know how this happen what are the causes? mine was a size of halp of a corn kernel not too big and doesnt feel any pain too.. hope you can give me advice or info with regards to these.. thank you so much and god bless..
Today my father visited to a doctor regarding breathing problem which he was facing since past few days.
Doctor doubted the formation of papillomata near the throat region for which he was unable to breathe properly and for which his voice was harsh and he had very bad snoring habit.
I just wanted to know more about this and has it any relevance to cancer?

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