I don't know if anyone was aware of this but I found out today that Petronel passed away last October.
R.I.P. Petronel. Hope you are riding in an E Type in the sky with your husband.
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I was so sad to hear about Petronel. she was so kind with her words when I first joined the site and I was so worried. I hope she didn't suffer. Rest in Peace Petronel.

Petronel will be sadly missed. She was a very supportive and kind member of this forum and found time to help others. She herself had been diagnosed with left base of tongue SCC in June 2012 and had surgery and radiotherapy. She joined this message board in December 2013 and was an active member supporting so many. Her last message to see was in July 2016 after her cancer had recurred.

Many thanks for your wishes, Vinod. My spirits are not too bad - there are things that have VERY nearly killed me in the past, so something is going to get me. Even life is terminal.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.

She always looked on the bright side of things. Here is a link to Petronel's 418 past posts.
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