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I know I am probably preaching to the converted but I have discovered/rediscovered Glycerin regarding the dry mouth syndrome. I had thought of it before - in fact before I came across Biotene.

Glycerin does sting the throat, but it keeps the mouth moister for longer than Biotene and is less 'gloopy', doesn't leave so much of a sticky mess at the edges of the mouth.

I even keep a small plastic bottle of it in the car in the ash tray/cigar lighter compartment where I can reach it easily.
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Hi rosie,

I thought you were allowed to be negative on this forum!

France was good and the hotels were VERY good about making sure that I had enough mushroom sauce to go with everything. However, it is tedious having to take supplies with you - just in case all else fails. I got soaked to the skin one morning and have been sneezing and coughing ever since, but saw a doctor yesterday who said my oxygen levels were at 99% and my lungs were perfectly clear. But I did have inflamed nostril linings - this we think was caused as long ago as having so my oxygen treatment back in June/July. I do remember it being very painful after a few days and longing for some nasal lubrication.

Other than that the neck and throat are very sore and the swallowing seems to be pretty difficult at the moment. I am told that the throat/back of mouth looks very dry - I wonder if that comes from the same sort of thing plus two bronchoscopies and a general. We persevere.

Please let us know how you are getting on with all your problems.

Life's a bitch and then it has puppies.

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