My name is Neil Penny from Australia. Just discovered this site. I was diagnosed in April and operated on the day before my  58th birthday. So eight weeks post op and still mending. I had two SCC tumours, one on the tongue and one in the floor of the mouth. I lost a big chunk of my tongue, floor of my mouth and a portion of the upper throat. Also lost a good portion of my thigh muscle. I consider myself lucky as I found it early. It was a T2 (6mm diameter) and the testing of the neck glands and the margins of what they took out found no cancer cells. Therefore no chemo or radio. As I said, I consider myself very lucky. I can communicate, though of course like having a lisp on steroids lol. Planning a YouTube cooking channel.

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FHi Penny,

Sorry to hear this news. I am 6 months on from surgery to remove a T2 and precancerous cells from my tongue. I had 60% of my tongue removed, lymph nodes from the right side of my neck and reconstruction using a radial forearm flap. Like you, my lymph nodes were clear as was the margin of the tongue so no further treatment. I am eating normally now and my speech is improving but I have a heavy lisp and still struggle with certain sounds, especially words beginning with S! I love your positive attitude. 

I wish you every success with your cooking channel! You are very brave to be speaking on YouTube!  Make sure you put the link on this forum! 



Hi Neil,

Your video is great! Well done.

I don’t know anyone else who has been through what we have and I found it reassuring to recognise similarities in our speech.

Good luck with your YouTubing and life in general,




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