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Hi am awaiting biopsy results on 3cm mass in my Thyroid. Been waiting 1 week now anybody any idea on the time frame involved? I live in Devon.
Hard to plan anything and my daughter is getting married in 3 months . Feeling very jittery, not knowing is I guess a feeling you will all have experienced in your journey,s

Carol C
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I would ring up your consultant to ask (see your GP too).
I am surprised they didn't give you a timescale. It is a very scary and stressed filled wait time for you. Especially when you don't know when you will get the results.
Normally I would say 2 weeks is an average norm.
But it is better to be given a date assurance.

Hope it all goes well for you tony k
Before I left the hospital following biopsy I was given a specific date when I would be told the outcome, so I am surprised that this hasn't happened in your case.

Yes, it is a really stressful time - added to the that is the stress of planning a wedding. Please try not to get too stressed out - it doesn't do your general health any good.

Give doctor a call at least and ask him/her to chase for a date when you will receive some news. With any luck it will be nothing to worry about.

Stay strong.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
Thank you for your helpful replies. Saw a locum GP this morning. I would not say she was very helpful, she did however tell me to ring the consultants secretary which I have done only to be told and I quote " my biopsy is yet to be reported on and that they will let me know in due course.
I don't want to be critical but is there no humanity left in the NHS....................

Carol C
I don't think that is good enough either. I was very lucky - maybe they do things differently in Hampshire. Once in the system they were quick and efficient, though at the end of treatment I found I was handed back to ENT from Oncology without being told about it, which I found very disconcerting - but not nearly as bad as what you appear to be going through.

The only consolation I can possibly think of in this case is that if they were really worried they would have rushed it through without delay. Let's hope this is the case, but it certainly isn't helping your fears and frustrations.....

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.
Hi Carol,did you have a fine needle aspiration or did they remove some of the thyroid.i had a lump on my thyroid last year and I had a FNA and it turned out to be a colloid cyst,not cancer which in my case was a surprise becouse of having it once and having an increased risk also due to having RT on the throat area.Sometimes it takes a while to get the results becouse things can look unclear and they have to look further to make sure they get the right result.Im sure you will get the result soon and hopefully all will be well.takecare
Hi Valerie,
It was FNA, and I hope mine is a cyst too. I am feeling much better than I was because as Petronel says If they had been really worried they would have rushed it through without delay and I would probably have the results by now. Thanks for all your support I really appreciate it. NOW I think I will book that long overdue holiday...........

Carol C
Well the good news is that although I have a large thyroid nodule , the biopsy has come back normal. However things in my mouth have got worse. Now have lesions on both sides of my mouth, along with a lump in my throat. Consultant looked at my mouth, but could not see down far enough to ascertain what was going on in my throat. He did not like the look of things in my mouth and went to consult with a colleague, when he came back I was told to go and see someone else in ENT. She was brilliant , put a camera up my nose and down into throat but still could not see anything. so she went in with a gloved hand which made me gag terribly, but found exactly what I had been describing. She said it was abnormal and the upshot is that they are removing lump and tonsil from that side and mouth biopsy as well at the same time. Its been one hell of a day.
Hi Petronel, It was all arranged today and will be done on Tuesday week. She arranged everything whilst we were still in the consulting room. It was always originally my mouth that was the issue, and they now think finding the thyroid nodule was just incidental. I went from one consultant to another in the space of five minutes.
so now more waiting and worrying............ I have a feeling my house will be the cleanest and tidiest in the country..........
I am pleased to hear that they were so quick off the mark with this one - even though you have to wait 10 days for the actual procedure. I wish you the very best of luck and am sure you are prepared for the usual amount of 'discomfort'.... Let's hope they are pretty quick with the results after that.

I hope you will feel free to express worries and concerns any time you like - we are always here with the proverbial shoulder.

Life's a bitch - then it has puppies.

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