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Just in case anyone else is suffering as I did - let me state the obvious that no one told me till late in the day - you don't have to drink Fortisip through the straw!

Yeah I know dumb-ass me - I struggled like hell to get the stuff down through the straw - and it was hell. Then I thought I could squeeze it in with a syringe - which helped for a while and is another tip if you get desperate as I did - then joy of joys someone pointed out I could just drink it from a glass. It seems easier to get down drunk from a glass!

I hope this is off some use to someone else if ony to highlight my stupidity which led to pointless panic and some pain - as my tongue trying to suck anything up a straw was hell!

So there you are, a little tip that is so obvious but there must be others out there who could do with the obvious advice!

I also put off having the "shakes" linger than I should cause I thought they would be hard to get down but they AREN'T THAT BAD - in fact once I got onto them I found them easier to drink - if obviously more bulky to get down.
(I put some ice cream in with the shakes - it does improve them)

I'm saying all this as though I am off Fortispi and the shakes but I am not. Not surewhen that day will come - I keep experimenting niow with little tastes but no real joy.

All the very best and I hope I am in more pain than you are!

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Hey Tony!

Don't worry--we all have our D'Oh! moments. It comes with being human.

It would be nice if there were a guidebook for mouth cancer, something like Oral Cancer for Dummies, but it would be rather impractical because no two of us has had exactly the same experience.

You reminded me of my first post-op ice cream experience. I shoveled in a mouthful of frozen chocolate wonderfulness (a.k.a. a Frosty from the local Wendy's). I tried to talk after swallowing it, and I sounded like I'd just had a stroke.


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