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Hi Guys
Spoke to my dietician yesterday who says i should be trying to eat more proper food
but its a struggle with 5 fortisips 3 cups of laxitives water with all my medicines and water in general

Any tips for high calorie food in small portions
i could try at present on about 1800 cals but wants to go to 2500 if weight lost persits may have to have the tube down to feed me to build me up lost 2 stone

Any ideas on anything above


Dave and Sue
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Cream is definitely the answer. I used to microwave a pancake & smother it with syrup & cream. The combination of the swyrup & cream allowed the pancake to slide down.
Ice Cream, if you can stand the cold, is also useful.

Speak to the dietician at the hospital, who can give you diet sheets for food that can be liquidized. You may spot the common thread between my post & Tony's is the microwave. A great way to preparing food when you really aren't up to spending a lot of time in the Kitchen.

Eggs are really useful as they can be cooked in many ways, and are very easy to swallow. I ate a souflé omelet every morning for weeks.
Also don't foryget eggs, Another
I added double cream to Tony's Fortisips and made a 300 calorie drink into 600 cals. Occassionly he would ask if I had put anything in the Fortisip as it tasted strange, but I used to lie and tell him it was his taste buds and to drink it and stop moaning!!

Lunch or dinner I'd give him chicken soup and add half a tub of marscapone cheese (loads of calories) or an avocado liquidised (yuk I know)

He could only manage liquids or smooth soup for a few weeks after RT hence the above, but he soon put the weight back on.


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