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Hi Guys
Since my saliva glands have been zapped

still finding it hard to eat

can only eat soup Poached eggs and sweets porridge and weetabix

Tried pototo jacket with butter with some salmon mouse stick to the roof of my mouth and was nearly sick

cant eat spagiti hoopps or ravioli

tried frosties soaked in milk could not manage

is a liqiud diet as good as it gets ??

Im really struggling with this topic as we used to love eating out but cant face trying anything as it makes me gag and sticks in my mouth

sorry guys for going on this is the only thing holding me back as i cant see us being able to go anywere holiday day trips

and feel for my wife alough i know it wont bother her if we never go out

thanks for listning
Dave and Sue
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Dave, i know what you mean about stuff sticking to your mouth. I find that too. What helps me is having a bottle of water, and for every mouthful of food i have i take a little sip- while the foods in my mouth. I then continue to chew as normal, using the water as my saliva. Have you tried adding lots of gravey? I make a litre of gravey, Amir has a regular amount & i have the rest. Gravey with mash potatoe & sausages without the skin. Have you tried pasta? Penne pasta is easy to swallow & when i make bolognaise i add extra water so the sauce is quite thin. Chowder is also good, with flaked white fish & chopped potatoe.
Don't give up Dave! We're all in the same boatas far as the zero saliva goes, yet we all find a way. At the moment i have an ulcer the size of a penny on my soft pallette so i'm back on the Scandishakes Grrr! But today i manages to wash down rissotto with a cream & white wine sauce using my water technique!
Give it a try Dave!
Take care,
Thanks Michelle

just had a bad day was able to get some poached salmon pureed with dressing down 100grams so feel better

it just knocks you when you try something and can not get it down

fish chowder sounds good have not seen any up here yet

sorry to hear about you ulcer i still have a couple glad to hear your back on some food

when im talking to Sue about food she says look what Chelles eating

I will keep on trying

Thanks again
Dave and Sue
Hi David,
For the first few months after I started eating solida I lived on mcaroni cheese or pasta carbonara and fluffy omelettes. I still eat loads of eggs, but I can't stand the sight of pasta in cheese sauce anymore.
I found that riccicles were easir to eat than frosties as they are so small, and I only had the sweet tastebuds left.

There are loads of ideas in the food section. It's just a case of keeping on trying different things. It does get better, just really slowly.
Keep on trying

You're emtitled to feel frustrated!
I'm still discovering new things i can eat every week! Fish in butter sauce (boil in the bag kind) is another easy one, with plum tomatoes (if you can take the acidity).
The thing i found tricky was knowing the right portion size. & i was bought up not to waste food "there are children starving in africa" mentality. So i had to come to terms with feeling guilty for leaving so much! My dad made me a big batch of home made soup, but i could only manage a quarter of a mug at time so alot was wasted. I felt AWFUL! Everyone said they didn't mind, but to me it was wrong to leave so much. Now, my portion sizes are almost as they were before. Which is great considering how small my stomach had shrunk to!
Just to add to the cereal (i went through them all!) My favourites/easiest were coco pops (as Jenni say's they're small & sweet), Ready Brek with Manuka Honey, Cheerios, Rice Crispies with sugar. Avoid Shreddies like the plague! They don't get soggy enough and stick in your teeth!
Stir fry's are good, with Soy sauce & a splash of water. I prefer prawn to chicken though as chicken takes more fluid to swallow down.

I couldn't agree more about the eggs. I go through about a dozen in 5 -7 days!
& like you're sick of pasta & cheese sauce, i can't stand the sight of custard now! Custard & soup! NO THANK YOU! But i'm sure you'd agree, It served its purpous!

You know, i think we should go into business, home deliveries & a restaurant for tspecial needs people like us! *lOl! Pizza

That is so strange you watching all of the food programmes when you were off ill as Robert did exactly the same. He used to sit in front of the TV all day and watch one after another completely torturing himself. My sister likened it to prisoners of war in concentration camps who it is reported used to discuss their favourite foods constantly.


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