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Hi Everyone (Especially Dee,HY4 & 200)

I’ve just been reading your entries and thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself. I too am running the FLM to raise money for the MCF. This is my first ever marathon – so it’s all a bit daunting!

I was diagnosed with Mouth cancer on my tongue in September 2003 my treatment has so far been successful – but having read a number of the stories on the web site – I feel like I was particularly lucky catching things early and not having to go through quite the same level of surgery as some.

I didn’t know about the MCF until I decided to try and raise money for a worthy cause through running the marathon (may as well start with London!) so I did a search and found the site – I was quite impressed and my mind was made up.

I‘ve been with you all on the ups and downs of training – getting shin splints at the end of January. These have improved and training over the last few weeks has been good – did my second 20 Mile run this Saturday so feeling like it’s a bit closer now. I am aiming for a sub 4.00 hours if all goes to plan – but will be happy to complete!

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you the very best in your runs.

Kindest Regards

Ian Murray
Hi Ian
Welcome to the site.
Glad your recovery is going well and that you are strong enough to take on the challenge of the FLM. This will only be my 2nd time and I am hoping for a sub 4 too, so you never know we may see eachother somewhere in the throng of people! I'm going to try and find the 9 min mile RW pacer group, guaranteed to get you home in under 4.
Do you know about the pacer bands you can pick up from the Lucozade stand at the expo, supposed to be good to keep you on target.
Anyhow the main thing is to enjoy it and have fun. Your training sounds like it has gone well1 Is that the end of your Long runs now, just the shorter ones in te taper.
I wish you all the best for the run and most of all with your recovery and future health.
Take care
Runners World also do a pace band. However I'm going to make up my own and write on it when I'm due to have some of the kendal mint cake I've been using to help fuel me.

You guys will have to put your numbers on here so that if I spot you on tv I'll let you know.

I've had my number & timing chip today for the Shakespeare Marathon and it seems more real now.
Hi HY4
it is hard to fit all the training in, but I'm sure you'll be fine on what you've done. I've managed to get an average amount in, although not as much as I would've liked, be great if we didn't have to work!!!
My number is 21674, you never know you may catch a glimpse of us! Don't know what I'm running in as yet. I'm not wearing the MCF T-dhirt as I will be wearing a running vest. Will let you know the colour when I know!!
so RW do pacer bands too aswell as Lucozade.
looking forward to it now and have the feeling of apprehension too, which is normal I guess.
Will be thinking of you the following week you'll be great!
Take care for now
Hi 200, Hy4 and Ian
Not long now 1 week for us and 2 weeks for you HY4....ahh! Just sitting in the garden in the beautiful sunshine enjoying a drink as I won't be having one this time next week....water only!
as much as i love the the hot weather I am hoping it cools a little for next week as I do prefer running when it's cool, the heat will affect so many of us! but what can you do can't change it if it is hot.On the positive side I'm meeting my husband and friends on one of the boat/bars on the embankment afterwards and they are lovely when its sunny. Lets wait and see eh?
well anyway enjoy this week of not much mileage and bring on Sunday. (and the following HY4)
take care all
Hi HY4
yes I've been checking every weather site in the hope that they would tell me it is going to cool.....and it is!!! I'm a sun worshipper, love it, but not when I'm running 26 miles. So it is sounding more like running weather. I'd rather have to sit in a cosy pub afterwards then suffer in the heat on the run. Lucky it wasn't today as its been sooo hot in London, we've all been in the garden my daughter and her friends in the big paddling pool.
lets hope the forecast is right they seem to be getting it right so far.
how are you? Tapering now.
I can't believe this time next week ours will be over and done with, I am looking forward to the post relax!!!
Will be thinking of you the following week
Take care
Bye for now
Hi all
well I expect your registered, if not tomorrow. i did it on Wednesday with being in London, now it's official ahh! realy looking forward to it but nervous too! Hope the temp doesn't go up too much should be bearable.
200 I'll see I can see you by the church, if I don't all the best.
good luck to everyone, have a great run, a great day.
enjoy it
enjoy the post run drinks with family and friends....thinking of that is going to get me along the embankment
I can't imagine how you guys are feeling at the mo.

I've just been talking about how one of my friends from the Runners' World forum is feeling because it's her first marathon (FLM) on Sunday and we've also been talking about how I may be feeling this time next week.


Hope you'll let me know how you all got on?
Hi HY4
Thanks for your well wishes, it'll soon be this time next week!!
Feeling nervous about sums it up, I've dreamt about the marathon all week, woke this morning and realised it was Sat and thought ahh its tomorrow!
Should be a realy good day, can't wait to turn into the mall and that feeling when you cross the finish!
I will be back on probably Monday, now as myself and husband will be out afterwards, so I will let you known all about the highs and lows on Monday.
Take care
Hi all
Well survived Sunday and completed it, unfortunately boy in the time that I wanted, the hot weather affected me like it did most people, I was hoping for just under 4, approx 3.58, but I came in at 4.38, wasn't happy with that but judging by the news and the amount of casualties I was happy to complete it in one piece! So I've gotta return next year!
It's an anti-climax now, waiting for the stiffness to wear off than training will begin in earnest again maybe for next year!

HY4 best of luck for Sunday, I hope it's cool, I was on target for sub 4 until 17 miles but then fell back and due to the heat I did run walk for the last 5 miles on and off. Never mind.
Take care


The weather is going to be about the same as you had on Sunday. At 3pm is due to be about 22C.

I'm still planning on a sub 5 (4hrs 54min) and will be sticking to a run/walk right from the word go. The last time I used this I got the time I wanted in a half marathon, however this time I'm going to use a pace band to help me.

I've done my last run tonight which could have so nearly ended in disaster! I picked a nail up in shoes and feel so lucky they aren't a pair of Nike Air running shoes because they would have been scrap after that.

That said it was only a little run just over a mile (fairly quickish) just to wake my legs up for Sunday.

Anyway will report back.
Hi All

Well done Dee - I Think the time was very commendable given the conditions. It sounds like we had identical game plans - I was hoping for 4:00 hours but had to change plan at about 17 miles - I decided I would run all the way but drop the pace and it seemed to work. I did manage to run all the way non-stop and you'll never believe how close we were - 04:31!

Just got to collect some money in now!

Hope you are recovering well and enjoying recalling the whole experience.

HY4 - All the very best - will be thinking of you and willing you on!

All the best

Hi ian well done. i to realised around 17 thatI wasn't going to get my planned time.
I've stopped dwelling on it now and I am contemplating Dublin marathon on oct 29th, then London again next year.
I have started a thread just to ask a question if MCF are getting Charity places for 2008, they should be, about time they were recognised.
You going to do it again? I bet you are!
Happy recovery.
I had a swim yesterday and my legs are much looser and nearly normal again.
Take care
bye for now
I made it round in 6hrs 13 approx. Between mile 10 & 11 my knee went (this is the one which got a bit damaged when I tripped over an empty post hole on one of my long runs).

I walked the rest of the way and I think I managed to run for about 15-20 min. Towards the end I could only run for about 30 secs. There was no goody bag only some water and a banana which had been left out in the sun all day. The changing facilities were locked by the time I finished and I had to get changed in some loos. The weather wasn't too bad I think that may have been because I was walking for a lot of the way.

Today I'm having real problems walking and feel so lucky that I'm not going to be in work until Wednesday.

Some good news from yesterday though! When I was telling one of my sponsors how I got on she said add £5 to the sponsorship I've pledge. So providing I get all the money in I think I've raised somewhere between £170-£190.
Hi HY4
So sorry to hear about your knee but you still did a good time considering you walked from mile 11. The goody bag seems like it left a lot to be desired never mind, but you did great under the circumstances.
I've just signed up for the Dublin marathon on Oct 29th, itsa Mon so going across t ireland on Sunday and staying Mon & tues aswell. it sounds like its very enjoyable and the post marathon very much so too!!1
looking forward to it,already decided def going back for FLM 08, will apply through the ballot but I have asked MCF whether they are getting charity places however they are currently on a waiting list.
if your knee is ok maybe you could think about another marthon prior to nexts years FLM.

I hope your knee heals wuickly and it isn't a prolonged injury, was it something old or just a direct result of going down the hole.
Enjoy your well earned rest, take it easy
well done

Chris and I have made a mutual decision. I'm not going to be doing another marathon.

I just don't really have the time to train for it, especially with the job I've got and the shift patterns. I should have done just over 400 miles in training however I've only been able to do !160 miles. I'm going to stick to 5 & 10k races from now on.

I can walk better today which is just as well as I'm in work tomorrow! (The knee problem was a result of going down that hole and I'm really hoping it sort's itself out quickly as I'm hoping to do a 10k at the beginning of July as a warm up for a 5k in September.)
Hi HY4
Well I'm glad to hear that your knee is not an ongoing injury.
I know what you mean it is extremely difficult fitting all the training in. My husband works nights and we have a daughter which means Sun through to Thurs if I want to run I've got to do it at 5am, when my husband gets home from work and before I have to wake my daughter for school. So most mornings I have the devil angel think going on!! Early runs are great on the summer mornings but not so on winter mornings and also you've got to think about safety too.
If you haven't already got one at home a treadmill is a good option too, we got a star trac one off e-bay which I keep in the garage, so that an be useful, although i do find the TM boring.
Well enjoy your rest and hope your training goes well for your 10K, theres always lots about at this time of year.
Keep us posted
Take it easy for now

Running is something I'm not able to do at the mo. I ended up going to the doctors about my knee and she thinks I've got a tear in my cartilege. She has said it could get better of it's own accord. If not then I will need an operation on it. She's also said that I shouldn't run a 10k in July however I should be okay for a 5k in September.

Now we're starting to get towards summer I just want to be out there running.
Hi hY4
Sorry to hear about your knee, isit your GP that you saw? Hope she is right and it mends of its own accord and you'll be back running in next to no time.
I haven't done any long distances since London, I did a long stint at work afterwards and have just eased back in with short runs. I Am starting to train properly again this week and try to keep the mileage up for Dublin, all being well.
Take care of your knee and I hope you see some improvement soon.

Yes it was my GP. I was expecting a right telling off instead I got "when's your next race"! It turns out that she's a runner herself and did the Reading Half recently.

I can now walk at my normal speed and yesterday I got caught in the rain without a coat and ended up running about 30 meters. (I didn't suffer for it either!)
Hi 200
Good to hear form you.
Sure that sounds great, I did the walk last November, which was a beautiful day, but yes I would've rather ran it, being more used to running.
I may get my husband to do it too, he only runs on t/mill and doesn't do long distances but has said that he will do Nike Run London this year, so see how he goes and he may join us too.
But def gount e in!!
Hope you're well.
My dad has really improved, he is eating and drinking and his weight has gone up to 10.3. Its his b/day this week so going up for a family celebration....soooo happy.
Take care
I don't know if that will be too far for me. I went for my first proper run today after my marathon. It went reasonably well (all 157 meters of it)!

I'll also have to wait and see what Chris has planned because it's his 30th the weekend after and there's going to be a car show which he's taking his car to in October.
Hi HY4
Yep nearly done I've got £30 still owing and you know what its my father in-law and close friend!! always the way everyone gave really quickly this year.
The cheque is payable to the the mouth cancer foundation, the address i have is PO Box 498 Wakefield WF1 9AW, however I had a probem with that address last time and Dr Joshi sent me another address.
So we should double check with him and Krishan.
Hope you're well

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