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Hi Melaneib,

I've not got a place in the London Marathon, however I'm going to be running another marathon which is very close to this one.

I don't know if you already have a training plan you're going to use for the marathon, however I'm a member of a running forum ( which may have a suitable plan for you.
Hi Melanieb
I'm also running in FLM, although not for MCF. How's your training going? I'm still trying to get some endurance back after my surgery & radiotherapy - 10 miles is a struggle at present!

I'm also a regular on Runnersworld forums - what is your RW Forum name? Mine is the same.

Dr Joshi
Are you a runner as well? What running news do you have for us?
Hi All

Unfortunately we weren't successful in the ballot for places for new charities. We have registered for the 2008 & 2009 Great Runs (North, South, Manchester and Edinburgh) and hopefully will have better luck for these.

You are welcome to apply directly on your own behalf and run for the Mouth Cancer Foundation. We will support you where we can and put runners in touch with one another. The link for registrations is: GreatRun Events. Good Luck.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee
I'll look out for you over there then. I know Shades, but I don't venture into that thread much. I'm often on the daily training thread, or any event threads that I may be doing. They also started a thread for me when I went in for my op - "Run 200 miles for 200 minutes" - which was rather moving stuff.

Dr Joshi
Unfortunately none of those Great Runs are anywhere near Devon. We do have our own Great run - The Great West Run - in Exeter.
I'm currently on 2 of the event threads. Last year's Blackpool Marathon thread (yes the thread is still going strong!) and the Shakespeare Marathon thread. I'm also in the Micksta training thread. He's been a source of some very good advice last year and helped me design a plan for my 2nd half marathon which resulted in me taking nearly 30 min of my time.

Once I've entered the Shakespeare Marathon and sorted out the justgiving page I'll put up a link here for it.

The Runners World website ( will give a lot of training advice.

I'm very tempted to suggest that you perhaps think about running the Stratford Marathon with me, however, because it sounds like you haven't done many running events (please correct me if I'm wrong) it wouldn't be a good idea as they have a cut of time at 11.85 miles which I'm fairly confident I can meet and then another one for the whole event!

If you really want to do a marathon there are other marathons about which have kinder time limits. The Runners World website also has an event section where you can search for events and some of them also have on line entry so you don't have to worry about going through a ballot like you have to for the LM.

There are always plenty of 5k and 10k events which may be better (ie easier to train for and don't have time limits) on the Runners World website where you can raise money for the charity.

My first recent running event was about 3/4 years ago where I ran the Flora Light Challenge for Women in Hyde Park (now called the Hydro Active Women's Challenge where I raised £500+ for Children with Luekemia.

Unfortunately a lot of charities put a huge amount of pressure to raise over £1000 just to get a guaranteed place in something like the LM which is why I've really avoided and gone for a local marathon. I also wanted to if possible deliberately pick a charity which doesn't have guaranteed places in running events as they need more support than others (IMO).

My partner at the moment has a relative who is suffering from jaw cancer at the mo and I have also found out that a few of my deceased family members have also suffered from throat and head cancers.

If I wasn't quick enough on the half marathon I did I had a couple of alternatives with more friendly cut of times. These were the Halstead & Essex Marathon and the Blackpool Marathon. Halstead is round about the end of May and Blackpool is beginning of June.

Both have on line entry, however I'm not sure what the cut off times are.

The plan I'm using is from a fellow Runners World forumite called Shades and is for 3 days per week over 20 weeks. She has started her own training thread which is kind of like a support thread for those who are using her plan or who just want general advice so she may be able to come up with other suggestions for a marathon.

The above link is to that thread. You will need to register first before you can post on forum and if you would like a copy of the plan you will need to make sure you have email member enabled.

(My forum name on that one is the same as this one)
hi all - especially HY4 and 200 minutes.......

I can also recommend Runners World as I am also a regular over there (same name)mainly in Clubhouse and the Triathlon section....

I'm not running a "straight" marathon this year but I guess the 2 marathon runs at the back end of Ironman Austria in July and Ironman Florida in November do count I guess..........but I don't see me running the whole 26.2 miles after 112 miles on the bike Big Grin

good luck to those raising charitable funds for MCF or wheoever else in marathons or whatever other events they may be doing..........I'd love to raise some funds for MCF this year but I've called in too many charitable favours in the last few years so am having a break this year...........
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Hi all
I'm running the 2007 Flora London Marathon in aid of Mouth Cancer foundation, i'm not sure if there are any other runners.
My dad has suffered throat cancer 20 years ago and has been re-diagnosed with cancer in a gland in his neck for which he has had surgery and radiotheraphy, he has suffered many complications recently and it has been quite traumatic, so I do not need anything else to spurme on this year, other than my dad.
Hope all of your training is going well. I'm often visiting the differnet sites the RW website has, the forums are good fun!
I will take the time to say if anyone would like to sponosr my marathong run in aid of this very worthy charity you can visit my just giving page at . I'll be back on a regular basis now I've found you all.
Take care
happy training
Dee x
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Hi Deewild,

Yesterday was a nightmare for me. I had a really bad run and wanted to withdraw from the marathon, however put it down to starting off too fast. I did about 16.5 miles. I've never done the Shakespeare half, it's the same day as the marathon so don't think I'll be doing that one, although it does follow the same course. The problem I've got at the moment is I've started a new job (with shifts) and moved house so it's a real effort to get out for more than one run per week. Not the ideal build up to a marathon, however I'm slowly starting to get another run in per week.

I've got another 4 weeks of proper training including 2 20 milers then my taper.

Hope your training continues to go well.
Hi HY4
sorry mis-read it's a full you're doing, you have bad days and good days with your training. this time around I've found alot of runs have been a nightmare, but when I'm running in company I'm better, I did the Watford half and felt good and I went out on Saturday for 15 miles with another person doing London and it was better. I'm doing the finchley 20 on Sunday 18th...mothers day treat for myself mad! so I'm hoping that will go ok. It is hard fitting in the training be lovely if we didn't have to work, but we do!!
Keep up the good work
Take care
Hi HY4
Its nice to chat to another runner who is running for MCF. Do you have matters close to your heart, mines my dad who is still fighting this disease,it reared it's ugly head after 20 years. he originally had it in the throat and now has it in a gland in the neck, which he has undergone radiotheraphy. In answer to my own question I'm hoping you don't have anyone close suffering.
Well wishing you well with this weeks training.
take it easy
Hi Dee,

I have had relatives sometime which did suffer from head cancer, however as I was fairly young at that time I didn't find out many details.

My partner's grandma has bone cancer in the jaw and a forumite from another forum has suffered from mouth cancer, however she doesn't talk about it too much.

My main reason for deciding to run for this charity wasn't connected to any of the above. I was looking for a charity which didn't have any guarantee places as most people tend to stick to the larger charities unless they have some personal involvement.
Hi HY4
glad to hear that you haven't got anyone very personal to you suffering, however hope your partners grandma is oing ok.
My dad hasn't been well at all, so when i'm feeling tired on runs I think of him and his pain and push on!
How was your training this week, I've had a fairly light week as i'm doing the finchley 20 tomorrow, which is in Ruislip (just to confuse)so think it'll be quite hard but gotta conquer the 20 to get to 26 eh!?
Hope all is well
Take care
Hi 200 minutes
I'm just on there as my full name which is Denise Clayton as I've never bothered to change the profile thing.
I've seen your name about on there...are you doing FLM? (can't remember) apologies if it's on this forum haven't gone back to check!
Yes nearly there, I'm having a few days break this week as off to barcelona, so I think that will do me good, going out for a long run tomorrow as I have the day off, that will make me feel better when I'm sitting drinking wine, He! then one week and let the tapering begin!! Really looking forward to it, but I think I'll get emotional on the Mall thinking of my dad. (I get emotional just watching it on TV) I just think it shows so much good in the world when there is so much bad news and most people are running for something or someone!
How about you 200, are you running for MCF?
Hope you are well.
Take care
My run was going so well yesterday. I was really happy with my pace then I nearly feel into a post hole in a field and had to cut short my run, which was very annoying as it was on my 20 miler. I did 17 miles and felt that I could have easily done the other 3 miles if I hadn't done that.

It looks like there's no permanent damage and I've got another 20 miler plan the weekend after next so providing I don't have any mishaps on that I should be okay.
Dee & HY4
Looks like you're both going very well!
I did my last 20 miler on Sunday, having a blast at the Taunton Half next Sunday. Then I'm having a warm weather taper in Cyprus.
Not doing FLM for MCF as the Great West Run is only 2 weeks afterwards & I always run that for WaterAid - there is a limit to how often you can seek sponsorship!
Are either of you at the Blue Start for FLM?
Hi 200, HY4
Sorry only just replying been in barcelona for a few days, no running, did a long run before I went and then relaxed, so a couple of runs over the weekend now I'm back.
I'm on the blue start, not sure what pen I'll be in somewhere in the middle i think?
yes my dads weight loss is alot. What happened was he was trying to eat and literally choking even just swallowing liquid morphine, the docs discovered that due to the large amount of swelling inside the throat are some food and fluid was going down to his lungs!! Which caused a chest infection, by this point he had already dropped to 9 and a half st and was taken into hospital, he then developed pneumonia and was very critical, but fortunately fought that as well!
They put the feeding peg in when he went back into hospital but it was only put in after the dramatic weight loss, at the moment he is still nil by mouth so is only relying on the peg, so weight gain is going to take a while, however he is doing ok and his mind is very strong which I think is very important, as you yourself will know all about.
Hope the rest of your training is going well, I will do one more longish one this week and then its the taper, yeah! Tapering in Cyprus sounds nice, is that a holiday.
Take care
Dee & 200 Minutes,

Just think, when you've crossed the line I'll still have mine to do. And I'm really envious of you guys.

With the new job, house move etc I've found it really difficult to train properly for it. The normal week's training has been just one long run per week if I've been lucky I've been able to get 2 runs in!

I'm only going to do the one marathon, although Chris (my partner) has said that I can do the FLM as I won't have to worry about cut off times.
Hi Dee
I'm also at the Blue Start. We're attempting a rendezvous with others from the RW Forum at a little church which you walk past on the way from the train station to the Blue Start. It is on the edge of the Blackheath open space. I'll be wearing my bright yellow SWRR Club Vest with "200" written on it, although it may be covered up with other layers depending on the weather. I can also be spotted by the tell-tale surgical scars if you get close enough... Either way, pop by & say hello if you have time. No idea what pen I'll be in but I put 3:20 on the entry form (looks like I'll be 7-10 mins slower!)
Regarding your Dad's weight loss, I never really got round to gaining much until I could start eating stuff like bread. When he can start taking food & drink, I found cold milk a real help - both with meals & on its own. Very soothing & good food intake at the same time.
Hi 200
You are looking at a good time!! I'm hoping for a cub 4hr which I'm on tarfet for, fingers crossed, just hope we don't get a hot day!
Not sure what colour I'm running in as yet, I will look out for everyone by the church, the last time I did FLM I was on the red start so change of scenery!
yes thats the problem wth my dad's weight gain right now as the feed is just sustaining him with the right amount of protien etc, ao don't think we will see any gain until he can eat properly, unfortunately he has had the superbug C Diff, abreviation don't know the full name, he is now negative for that but positive for MRSA, unbelievable, so he has suffered weight loss as a reault of those too...but he kees soldiering on. i just keep praying, he beat it 20 years hopefully this time too, he is 67!
Take care
Hi 200
thanks for your reply, just read my post think my fingers were slipping on the key boards, lost of mistakes, ha never mind!
Yeah my dad has had a very bad run of luck, you name it, it's been chucked at him and he keeps booting them away!!, he was 47 initially, and yeah to see him soldiering on now, although 67 isn't old, old, he isn't a spring chicken anymore either. He's an incredible man and if I need any inspiration to keep me going in the FLM, it's definitely my dad whom I love with all my heart!

have you finished all your LSR's now?
Nice thought to be on the downhill phase until 22nd.
Bye for now
Take care

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