Hello everyone don't want to sound like a hypochondriac or anything but i've been having some symptoms for awhile now and wanted to get some other peoples opinions. So here the past year or a little less upon waking up in the morning about half the time I wake up and my tongue literally feels like sandpaper just like a cats tongue is the best way i can describe it and it burns and its fissured. This however usually resides within an hour or two of waking up.

I've also been having for about a year some deep achey pains on and off in my throat. My family Dr told me i had a goiter and possibly some enlarged thyroid nodules and told me that my thyroid lvls were slightly off. So she sends to me in for ultrasounds and then to see a specialist. The aches have been kind of on and off the past year and by the time i saw the specialist i had been feeling pretty good for about a week or so she checked out my neck and said she couldnt see anything that was wrong. Sure enough about a week later they started back up and havent really stopped since.

I guess my biggest worry is it being oral cancer as i've smoked marijuana for quite some time now and for about a year i smoked cigarettes. I also drink but deff got it under control now but there was a point and time for like a whole summer i was basically an alcoholic. I've noticed with the fissures if i drink the night before I ALWAYS wake up with my tongue being insanely fissured and dry (used to not do this at all deff not right). Also im not going to lie ive not had the greatest dental hygiene so that worries me a little bit. I havent really had any other noticable symptoms just my tongue and im guessing what are swollen lymph nodes.

Im 26 and i've heard oral cancer is rare in people my age but given my bad dental history and my history with smoking and drinking it does make me wonder. Whats it sound like to you guys and it sound like something i should have checked out again? I havent been loosing any weight or anything like that outside this im very healthy and active im in the gym literally everyday and run everyday as well as coach high school wrestling. If it was cancer im guessing it prolly wouldnt just go away as the day goes on and i would prolly not be feeling to good in the gym right? Im no expert so thats why im here before i go pay a buncha money to have some doctors tell me they dont know again.
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Hi jwoo

Sorry that you're going through such a rough time.

Since the specialist your doctor sent you to doesn't seem to have been of much help, you might ask your doc for a referral to an OTO clinic at a teaching hospital (OSU has a pretty good program).

The stress and worry caused by not getting an answer certainly can't be doing you any good, and if you've been researching head and neck cancer on the interweb you really won't be doing yourself any favors (nearly always worst-case-scenarios and bad news).

Let us know how things turn out.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah im prolly going to schdule a dentist appointment tomorrow i know i have some cavities that need filling anyways. I literally just went into the bathroom to check out my tongue and seems like i got alot of these tiny bumps on the back of my tongue looked it up and think they are Enlarged papillae.

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