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I too found that I was not entitled to anything because I was being paid by my company for most of the time and have happily been able to return to work full time. I am still paying for a prescription certificate now for items to help my dry mouth condition and the high blood pressure which developed as a result of the chemo. It's not a moment too soon. Perhaps they will allow cancer patients an allowance on hospital car park fees next.

hello everybody..,

im 23 yrs old...from philippines..
my mother was not yet diagnos with cancer but when we consulted an EENT he said that it will be a cancer if she will be spitting blood means her throat is already having scratches since its swollen. now she is spitting blood.he voice is almost problem is that we cant send her to a speacialist coz we have no finances..will u pleace give me idea where will i can find help? my mother is loosing weight and getting weak everyday..i am afraid.
thank u.
Please support the Put the fair into welfare petition to preserve benefits for cancer patients:

Put the fair into welfare
Time is running out to make sure that people with cancer don’t lose benefits.
Proposed changes to the benefits system could leave thousands of people living with cancer without vital financial support during the toughest fight of their lives - pushing some into poverty.

Please take a few minutes to listen to Julian and Karen in our audio clip . You’ll hear what the proposed changes to the Welfare Reform Bill really mean for people living with cancer.

Help us campaign by signing our petition. Your support will be invaluable as we talk to Lords and MPs and they prepare to vote on these changes.
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Whilst mt husband was ill, he received a careers allowance which was paid for about two years until he was announced clear.  More recently, he suffered a third bout of cancer, again he got carers allowand, I think it was about £87 per week (although all authorities were informed when his death was registered) they are now demanding three weeks overpayment) no means test was applied. 

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