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Ever wondered which famous people have suffered mouth cancer? No? Well I did. I came up with this list but are there any others you can suggest to add to it? There is an American comedian I was reading about when I was diagnosed some years ago but I couldn't remember his name. My list is:

Sigmund Freud - thirty-three operations for cancer of the jaw and oral cavity which he endured during the sixteen remaining years of his life.

Babe Ruth - diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma refers to a malignant growth that arises from epithelium, which tends to infiltrate and metastasize to other organs.

Ulysses S. Grant - Grant was diagnosed with a carcinoma of the right tonsillar pillar in early June 1884. The cancer was at the base of the tongue and was described as a malignant squamous epithelioma, which was a scaly, invasive, metastasizing growth. At the onset of his cancer, surgical and technological movements were not advanced enough to effectively control the carcinoma.

Colleen Zenk Pinter - Emmy nominated actress (Barbara Ryan on CBS’s As the World Turns)

Jack Klugman – (Quincy, M.E.) couldn’t speak for more than three years after his cancer treatments. Videoclip: Jack Klugman on early detection of oral cancer

Jack Wild – Actor from OLIVER – the artful dodger.
Burl Ives – singer

Sir Bobby Robson – football manager

Grant Achatz - superstar chef

Hope no one is offended by this by the way. I just thought it might be interesting and maybe help people to realise others, even very famous ones, have suffered the same illness.

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I didn't know Eddie Van Halen had had tongue cancer until I read it here.
Had a quick look in a few search engines and websites and it seems that he believes it was holding a metal plectrum in his mouth and not the well documented chain smoking and heavy drinking that gave him the cancer Confused.
He thinks he's found a cure for cancer too. Can I have lots of whatever he's on please Big Grin. Hagg.

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