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My name is Katie. My Mum was diagnosed with mouth cancer in November 2019. Had surgery to remove at Christmas. Surgeon had to dig under teeth. He was pretty sure he got it out but encouraged her to have 6 weeks radiotherapy and chemotherapy lite (?) She was treated in Southampton, UK as we live in Guernsey, Channel Islands. 

My Mum listens to watch doctors say but tells us the bare minimum. She doesn't like fuss. Always been head of family. My Dad fusses a lot. He tries to keep very busy so he doesn't have to know more than he wants to. 

So, I'm here as the only child, trying to find out what I can and help make recovery the easiest I can for them both.


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Welcome Katie

Youll get answers to any questions you may have on here i'm sure.  Mums can be very strong and feel that keeping stuff from kids protects them, but as we know it can lead to fear uncertainty and doubt 

welcome to the forum

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