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After the removal of the tumour I had on the floor of my mouth, I was left with a lower lip that does not really move when I smile or laugh, which makes me very sad sometimes, and causes me to cover my mouth if I do laugh!
I have read about some procedures that can be undertaken to improve, or in some case rectify the problem-the trouble is I had my surgery in December 2002. I asked a consultant in 2005 whether I could have anything done, but he was very abrupt and told me there was nothing wrong with my smile, and besides which it was too late to do anything anyway! Needless to say I do not see him anymore!!
I just wonder though was he right and that it is too late? Hope someone can help!
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Hello Ant

It is probable that the innervation to the lip muscles or the muscles themselves were affected. It should be possible for the problem to be diagnosed by doing electrical stimulation and conduction tests but I am not the expert. I suggest that you do some research through Google and then being informed, seek out a surgeon with experience in assessing and treating this problem. Let me know how you get on.

What about posting some photos of your smile for us to see; it might not be that bad.

Best wishes
Vinod Coffee

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