Hi all,

Awhile ago I postd on a thread that I was worried that my tumor was back. That was because I had a sore spot on my tongue just about where my original tumor had been.

After seeing the oncolgist, radiologist and my ENT I have been declared NED! I always seem to have the worse of luck and today turned out to be my lucky day.

I may not be able to eat yet and rely on my feeding tube, but I'm feeling pretty good right now.

Happy Holidays to all (a bit early, but I'm suddenly in the mood), Cricket
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Great news, Cricket. No wonder you are suddenly in a festive mood.
I''m really happy for you. Keep your chin up and have a great holiday period.
Deborah (I know ~ I look a lot like Trevor!)
hi cricket
sorry mate for some reason i missed your post.what great news here's to a happy new year for you.love shirl xxx

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