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Hi Elaine

Just when things start to get better - another knock back! Glad to hear you are feeling better than you were and hope you will soon be out of hospital (and able to arrange another holiday). Get plenty of rest and let them look after you.

I will soon be setting off to my work in Derby so not far from you.

Let us know how you get on.


Hi all, just letting you know that I am still in hospital. There appears to be a rather serious development after I had another CT scan, the results are not good. I will be given an update (I hope) by the weekend. I will let you know if I may. Looks as though I may have a hastily thrown together wedding to arrange soon ! Love Elaine j x
Hello Elaine
I don't know what I want to say but I just felt a sense of urgency in your last post. I hope you aren't left dangling and waiting for results.
Within the joy of a hastily thrown together wedding, you just may find yourself wondering why you ever considered any other kind ~ the love is the same, regardless of the trimmings.
I'm sending you every positive vibe I can muster.
Hi Elaine,

I am really sorry to hear that you are still checked in at the 'hotel' and are awaiting what sounds like worrying results. (In between pretending to be an academic I tend to google things like and celebrities without make up to make myself feel better about my aging process. Am I right in picking up a humorous but worrying subtext in the wedding reference??.) I am very much hoping that you get news soon and that it is good. In the meantime I would complain about the empty minibar.

You sound as if you have a wonderful sense of humour and I do hope you have access to some comedy or entertainment - I don't know how my partner and I would have managed his treatment without comedy IPOD downloads and DVDs, they really helped.

Take care, big hugs,

Hi! Elaine,
Sorry to hear about the delay in the results and having to wait whilst more important things are going through your mind, LOVE is the best way to make time go by so put all your effort into the up and coming wedding and with the love the two off you have for each other will make the time go by quickly. Good Luck
Love Trev
Dear Elaine,

I can't find the words to express exactly how I feel right now - angry that life is so unfair; fear that we may one day face what you are dealing with; sadness that is tinged with happiness that you have someone special in your life and are in love and going to get married and not have to face new challenges alone.

I hope that todays shopping exercise has resulted in the purchase of a stupendous dress that will make you feel ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS and that you enjoy the process of planning your wedding.

Take care and do keep posting and keeping us up todate with how you are doing.

More hugs and very warm wishes,

Hi! Elaine,
Like the others SORRY, but, no there is no but, life is a real bitchin' bastard and so unfair and you have a beautiful life ahead of you, lovely people to share it with you and to make your days full of joy and love. I have lived a good full life and spend all my time with the girl that I love and don't even look to the future and definitely don't mope over the onward creeping end, everyday is a new day and when you have someone to share them with what more could you ask for.
Your up & coming wedding will bring you times of sadness and times of joy, make the joyess times outnumber the sad times and go at it with vigor, my 2 sons are starting their plans for their future weddins and though the second one is farther away Deb and I are happy for these moments when we are doing things to help.
Deb and I laughed about some of the things that happened at our wedding and one definitely needs a sense of humour to look back to our wedding feast (and feast it was).
Go at it Elaine yes go go go, bless you.
Love Trev
Hi to all, yesterday went really well, the frock was perfect. I think that is the one I will have but my daughter Nic, is home for the weekend from London so we will pop to our local bridal shop later. I told Paul and Nic last night and it wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be. I did feel sorry for Paul because he was just so glad to see Nic that it took a while for him to realise that it wasn't a social visit.He has gone to tell his son (also David) and will be back later. Nic will tell her Dad and notify my David. I think if he is told about it he can make his own decesion as to when to come home. I don't want my living room changed into god's waiting room thank you very much! I am going to have a bath and go and tell my Mom and sister now.
I must admit though that my first thoughts this morning were about the wedding. We are thinking 28th March. I did no planning for my 1st wedding(oh how Elizabeth Taylor) so haven't realised what I shall have to be doing. Good job Nic is in PR. I will if you will allow going to use this site for my witterings, then I can tell friend's and relatives about it which will save me having to repeat myself, a kind of journal. I have always liked writing. Will just have to be careful what I say and who it's about. Love loads Elaine xx
Hi Elaine

So sorry to hear your news was not good. But you have plans to make about your wedding and it will help to concentrate on these when you can (just as you are doing.) Do let us know more about your dress! You sound to have such a good sense of humour and positive attitude and these will help to carry you through.

Thinking of you and sending you lots of love.

Hi Elaine
What good is a journal without pictures? Do be sure to cover everything and keep us all up to speed on plans and progress. How nice it will be to have a wedding on the forum! We cover everything and that's for sure. Witter away.
I love a great sense of humour and it seems you have that in spades, as we do but please remember that the gamut of emotions and states of mind all have a place here. We're all here to share the lot with you.
You will be in our thoughts way down here at the other end of the world.
Take care, Elaine
Hi, this afternoon's plan's went well. We deceided we wanted 28th March and there is a booking available then.Have any of you noticed how men can justify money they spend but actually waste but hate using their money when needed? Well get this. As you know 28th is the start of British Summer Time, so Paul will be paying for a wedding that get's an extra hour free.Bargain or what?He likes the idea.We will be going to Derby to order my dress tomorrow and get the ring's, Nic can pick my engagement ring because that will be for her later, an heirloom.My Mom and sister have taken thing's well and my Aunty Mary came over to be with Mom for a bit (that's my Dad's sister) so they will be ok.My Aunty Val vame as well, she is as daft as a box of frogs so I can't wait to see her with her feathers in her hair,bottle in hand on the evening.I really will get Nic to sort out how to put photo's on here so I will be able to share everything with you. I hope you wont mind or get bored.I am sorry if I am babbling on but I'm so excited.
I have had a roam on the site and feel a bit guilty that some of you are suffering, I wish I could take that from you, I wish even more that you could be over here hugs wouldn't help but would would make everyone feel a bit better. Although I don't know Ananth (I read about you and feel protective towards you, your page was the 1st I read)it was nice to see that you had wrote here and I wish you well,I have read of other member's asking of you.Take care love loads Elaine j xxxx
Hi! Elaine,
How are the results going and of course how are the preparations for the wedding going?. I think that you thread has drifted off the beaten path as did mine BUT you will see that it will get back on line again. Our son and fiance are discussing wedding plans at the moment so I feel for you.
"Stay Strong" and keep us in the loop.
Love Trev
Hi Mom (Elaine)

I thought I would surprise you by leaving you a message here as I know how invaluable this website has become to you.

It's wonderful to see the loving and supportive comments written by everyone on this forum, what a great bunch you all are!

Mom I want you to know how proud we all are of you and love you so much. The wedding will be amazing and your dress looks beautiful.

Anyway I won't ramble on as I don't want to embarrass you!

All my love,
Nik xxx
HI there Nik
What a lovely thing to do for your Mum.
Nice to have you drop in on the forum, I hope we'll get to see more of you.
Your Mum has a great attitude and sense of humour so she fitted in right away on here! Outsiders think you have to have cancer to be a member but really, it's all about being a bit mad!
You take care of yourself and remember this board provides as much for loved ones as it does for those members who have/have had cancer. Believe me, it's invaluable.
Hi everyone,
Went to the hospital yesterday and boyh of my vocal chord's are out of sync not just one.I can have the implant put in which the doctor said would be 60% effective, so I am just hoping this can be done before the wedding.In the mean time I may be lent a gadget that I type on and the machine talks for me.That would be better than having to write my to do lists for Paul and Nic,at least I will know they have heard me, unlike a piece of paper that they can say they didn't see!They are both out and about at the moment doing errand's.Paul is sorting my finances and, Nic has gone to fetch some hair extensions for me.All I have to do is select some music for the ceromony, which I haven't as yet done.Being as we have arranged this wedding as quickly as they do in the soap's on t.v. I hope we don't have soap style ending to the day!
I don't think I will be climbing on any roof top drunk like Becky in corrie is going to be doing!I'm scared of heights.I don't think I have ever left a wedding sober so we will have to see what happens at the end.
I will let you know about the implant when I hear from them.
Hope everyone is ok.

Lots of love Elaine x
hi elaine
i was wondering how you were and was just going to send you a p.m and you have popped up,how lovely of nik to send you such a lovely message what a lovely caring family you have and you must be very proud of them.i can't wait to see photo's of your wedding sounds as though everyone one is pulling out all the stops for your special day.good luck with the talking gadget and i am sure it won't be anything like a soap wedding with drama's just a lovely day for you both to declare your love for each other.take care hon love shirl xxx
this is just a quickie. I had my hen party last night. Everyone had a great time dancing all night, but boy I'm paying for it now. I've been back to bed twice and have every intention of sneaking back up there in a minute! We are away tomorrow so I will be in touch on our return. Have a good weekend. Lots of love Elaine x
Hi, everyone. Sorry I haven't been in touch, but I haven't been feeling very well. It started when we were supposed to be away in Gurnsey I was in too much pain and then sleeping all the day.I have been given some morphine patches but they seem to be knocking me about a bit,A few hours with no pain would be nice. Not long now till the wedding everything is in place and we are all excited and looking forward to the "Do". I managed to look at the photoos yesterday they are really good. I will see if Nic can help me put some onthe site.I should have done it yesterday because Nics boyfriend is a bit of a whiz onthe computer.
I will slink of for a rest and get back to you later,I hope you are feeling better than when I read about you Trev. Speak later take care xx
Hi all,

Hope you are all well. I'm very sorry to inform you that my Mom (Elaine) passed away last Thursday (2nd April) after having been admitted to hospital on the Wednesday night with breathing problems.

It was a terrible shock for us all as although we knew she was very poorly we didn't expect to be losing her so soon.

She had sadly been suffering terrible pain over the last few weeks.

Despite spending the week leading up to the wedding in hospital she and Paul had a wonderful wedding on Sat 28th March and Mom looked stunning. She did extremely well and thoroughly enjoyed her big day. A few of the nurses and a doctor had suggested she marry in the hospital but Moms determination and drive saw to that and she had the wedding she wanted at the venue booked in Cannock. The turn out was fantastic and everyone had a great time!

In true Mom (Elaine) style she had a good boogie and was one of the last to go to bed for a much needed kip.

She is deeply missed by all who knew her but we cherish the wonderful memories we have and take some small comfort by the fact she is at peace and no longer in pain.

I will post some pictures as she asked me to.

All the best
Nik x x
Hello Nik, what a wonderful daughter you are .We are so sorry to hear this unexpected news .We were all looking forward to hearing about the wedding day and so pleased she had a wonderful day just exactly the way she planned .

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the family at this sad time Nik.

All our love ,

Bell and Paul.xx
Hello Nik
When I log on in the mornings, I start at the top of the board and work my way down and that's why I have posted on the photo album before reading that your Mum has passed.
How sad for you all, but how lovely that you were all able to share in her special day. When I looked at the photos of Elaine and Paul dancing I thought how choked up the guests must have felt knowing their time to together would be short. Whoever would have imagined it would be just days.
Our love to you and yours on the loss of an (obviously) very determined and loving mother and wife.
Deborah and Trevor
Hi everybody

This is Paul, Elaines new husband, have been reading your kind messages. Elaine has often talked about you all and has gained great plesure from talking to you on this site, so i thought i'd just say hello and thank you.

The wedding went to plan and Elaine really enjoyed herself and so did i.

Elaine was a truely amazing lady and i was a very lucky man to have known her and we have shared many happy times together.

I would like to keep in touch with you all and follow your stories.

Take care and wishing you all the best.

Paul x

Link: Elaine's Wedding pictures
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Hello Paul
How lovely that you have taken the time to post. It comes across in both your own and Nik's posts that Elaine's needs and dreams have been your focus and while you are left to deal with her absence, she at least passed having fulfilled her dreams.
Obviously a truly amazing woman was surrounded by pretty special family and friends.
You take care and be sure to post away any time you feel the need or inclination.
Love from Down Under
Deborah and Trevor
As Trev does, I start at the top and work my way down the forums (fora?) list. Loved the pix, particularly the first one with Elaine's gorgeous dress and the happiness of the newlyweds. One of the close-up pix showed a very tired-looking but still happy bride. And then I came to this thread.....

Ohhhhh. The last thing I expected. Just punch me in the stomach. Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd.

Paul and Nik - what wonderful people you are. To think that you took the time out to post here when you've got so much sorrow in your hearts is a wonderful tribute to her spirit and your love.

My deepest condolences. Thank you for giving some joy to her final days.


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