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I'm not sure about everybody else, but at one time a soft boiled egg was about all I could eat. I'm still eating loads of eggs, whether boiled, fried, scrambled or in omelettes. I have recently started buying rare breed eggs from clarence court (available in Tesco). They taste great and are really pretty, so I enjoy eating them. They cost a few pence more, but I'm saving on so many other things that I think it's worth it. Do give them a try.
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Jenni, I couldj't agree more with you about Clarence Court eggs. When I came across them a few months ago you would have thought I was a member of their firm the eay I went on about them! I like a soft-boiled egg--I lost my larynx and had stomach pull-ups, leaving me iwith a small food space--and eggs are an essential part of my diet. I find these eggs are so perfect that they are the best I have ever had--apart from the ones on my grandfather's farm in Morayshire in the far-off Fifties.
Putting on weight has been a problem since mu op nearly two years ago. I find it hard to achieve, and stay at 7st. My greatest friend, apart from Clarence Court, has been buying a crockpot. All sorts of food denied to me now becomes fine afte this long, vitamin-preserving cooking. I still have to put the meat, however small, into the processor for a final whizz, and then put it back in the pot.
On the menu tonight is a pheasant which has been in the pot overnight and the house smells heavenly when you come in. Unless you are a vegetarian!
Happy New Year

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